Oct. 28 reader letters

Oct 25, 2013

Zeb Smathers deserves support

To the editor:

We all know that Canton will experience significant change with a new board of aldermen in a few weeks. This change will bring both opportunities and challenges for the candidates. While all of the candidates will hopefully bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the board, Zeb Smathers’ open mind and ability to work with others makes him an ideal candidate.

Zeb is willing to listen to others’ opinions and give honest answers about the issues he feels strongly about. Zeb is also one of the most involved candidates with his service on the Canton Recreation Committee. He has also been involved in other programs in town including NCSTEP, and has worked closely with others to bring about positive change for Canton. Zeb has clear goals for Canton, and I would urge all citizens to consider Zeb Smathers for alderman on Nov. 5.

Patrick Willis



Help reroof the Pigeon center

To the editor:

Having attended several stage presentations at Haywood Arts Regional Theater, I was pleased to read about groundbreaking which will provide for improvements facilitating the theater’s growth.

A strong dedication to the arts is a sign of a vibrant community and the Fangmeyers are to be congratulated on their commitment.

Indeed, the entire community should be proud to have raised substantial funding in a relatively short time period.

To arrive at HART, I travel past the Pigeon Community Development Center, a non-profit organization offering much needed community based services to a segment of our community that are not likely to have attended a performance at HART.

It is my belief that a vibrant community should also show a commitment to those less fortunate in our community.

The Pigeon Center has a long and storied history in Haywood County and they need some help to continue providing their services. The building is in dire need of a replacement roof. After a rain (and we’ve had a lot of it this summer), staff and volunteers must spend a great deal of time and energy to mop and clean the accumulated water from the floors, furniture, equipment, etc.

A new roof will cost almost $ 40,000. This is a relatively small sum when compared to the amount raised so far for HART, however, I firmly believe that there are those in our community who would gladly give a helping hand to both HART and the Pigeon Community Development Center.

I am a member of Francis Cove United Methodist Church and our church history is replete with help (financial and otherwise) that we have received from our community. We have, over the years, endeavored to repay generosities and kindnesses shown to us by obeying Jesus’ second greatest commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Our little church has made a commitment to donate $ 1,000 to Pigeon Community Development Center to go toward paying for a new roof. We are confident that there are other churches, businesses and individuals who can join us in funding a new roof for the Center.

Bill Upton



A civics refresher

To the editor:

In 1864 a Republican Senate passed a bill to abolish slavery but a Democratic House stopped it.

After the election of 1864, the Republicans then took control of both houses of Congress and in 1865 were able to pass the 13thAmendment to the Constitution that abolished slavery.

The voting record was 119 to 56 with 100 percent Republican Party support and 23 percent Democratic Party support.

Can you imagine the name-calling and politicking going on back then?  It would have dwarfed the recent shutdown showdown!

A Republic form of government respects the “rule of law” more so than “majority rules”.  A Republic considers the rights of individuals balanced with the rights of a majority.

The Constitution is the founding document that is supposed to limit our government and is what makes us a Republic.  The Constitution is what keeps 51 percent of the voting public from ruling the other 49 percent.

A Republic form of government is what permitted: the end of slavery in 1865, African Americans to vote in 1870, and women to vote in 1920.

Today, Republicans favor government to be limited by The Constitution and The People to be protected as individuals.  Democrats favor use of “majority rules” to promote opportunity and equality – meaning a voting 51 percent majority can take from the 49 percent minority and use those resources for the benefit of society.

Enter the Tea Party.  The Tea Party thinks neither party is respecting the Constitution enough nor limiting spending enough.

The Tea Party aligns more with what Republicans should be and therefore they have more influence in the Republican Party.

Now ask yourself, in what group are you that is interested in protection from the majority?  Black, Hispanic, Women, legal/illegal alien, NSA watch list, Rich, Healthy, etc…

When does it become “public interest” for one group to decide how another group can live in the US?  Are you a Republican or Democrat and what does that mean to you?

The next time you hear someone say the Tea Party is “extremist,” stop and think how silly that sounds coming from an American.

Scott Lilly



Letters were appreciated

To the editor:

I appreciated two recent letters in The Mountaineer. I’m thankful for the girl that prayed. I pray our young people will turn America around.

I saw David Barton on TBN and  he said, “This generation is going to turn it around.” He’s wonderful with American History and he’s Christian!

Let’s pray and do everything we can to restore our great country to one nation under God.

Betty Ray