'Oh, How He Loves You and Me'

By Lucy Adams | May 13, 2014

Turn on the television or the computer these days and too often we find a disaster report. In fact, we can become depressed if we watch and read too much of what is happening in our world.  So we have a choice — Do we fret over these burdens or do we focus on God’s love for each and every person in the world?  God does not send evil to his beloved creation.  There is an enemy and spiritual warfare is real. We overcome that through our communication with the living God through our Bible, in prayer and through Christian fellowship with other believers.

That fact is emphasized in beautiful ways through much of our music.  One of the most beautiful songs to come out several years ago is “Oh How He Loves You and Me.” When I heard it, we were going through some teenage burdens with our sons, my sister had just died and I had serious surgery. But my hope was renewed as I learned these simple words to this beautiful tune. Strength was restored and my broken heart was healed.

This musical blessing came from the pen of composer Kurt Kaiser in 1975.  At that time he was the vice president and director of music at Word Inc. of Waco, Texas.  Throughout his musical career he has recorded 16 solo albums and composed more than 250 songs.  For more than 30 years, he appeared in concerts with the late George Beverly Shea. In 2001 Kaiser was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

There is no doubt that this particular song has spoken to the hearts of millions of Christians. It is the bedrock message about the love of Jesus.  Before it was written, the simple statement, “Oh, how he loves you and me” captured this composer’s imagination.  He was determined that one day he would put that thought into music.  After jotting those words on paper, he filed it away for further use.

The day finally came when he retrieved that small piece of paper and went to the piano.  The tune and other words were formed within a few moments.  Now we can sing about the ultimate sacrifice of our Lord:  “He gave his life, what more could he give?”

And from the second verse we see words that capture the fullness of the loving sacrifice — “Jesus to Calvary did go, his love for mankind did show. What he did there, brought hope from despair. Oh, how he loves me, Oh, how he loves you. Oh, how he loves you and me.”

From the Gospel of John, chapter 15:9, we read these powerful words that Jesus spoke to his disciples: “As the Father loved me, I also have loved you, so abide in my love.”

We are given love, joy, peace and the other fruits of the Spirit since we can have full assurance that Jesus loves me and Jesus loves you.

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