Oh, the wonderful weather

By Jeff Schumacher | May 25, 2012

It’s that time of year. The time when you can walk into Ingles under nice skies filled with puffy clouds and walk out in a torrential downpour. It happens all the time — this phenom we’ve all come to know as springtime in the mountains.
Having just relocated back here, I have to tell you it has certainly taken me by surprise more than once. Just last week, the exact episode occurred at Ingles. As I was standing outside under the shelter, contemplating my next move, about a half-dozen other folks were politely walking around me, opening their umbrellas and going about their trip back to their vehicle. Obviously, they have this whole “spring thing” understood. Don’t go out without your umbrella. And, if it looks like a rain cloud is approaching, it is!
However, just as my daughter and I were thinking we were out of the loop, we noticed several others standing along with us waiting for the downpour to roll through. So, at that point I didn’t feel so bad. But we couldn’t wait forever.
So, with a mutual agreement, knowing full well we were going to get wet, my daughter and I decided to make a run for it. Mistake!
Not only did I get drenched, but just about the time I got to my vehicle — yep, you got it — the rain stopped. That’s the way it always works here. It’s almost comical. But, it’s also what makes our area so unique. The beauty of these mountains need moisture, and I for one, don’t mind getting wet for their beauty.
That’s not the way I used to feel. Ask anyone at work, and they’ll tell you how much complaining I used to do concerning the constant rain. It interfered with my golfing. It was almost as if my wife had some control over it. If I wasn’t golfing, then I could pick up the kids, fix some things at home, or just be around.
I didn’t understand the value of the latter until recently, but, I do now. There’s nothing more important than spending time with loved ones. Even if it takes a rain shower to force it upon me.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to take advantage of golfing, or skipping out on my “honey do” list as often as I can. But when it rains, I’m going to smile and know what it means.
As they say, God works in mysterious ways.