Ohana Means Family

By Kristian Buckner | Sep 19, 2012


Ohana is a hawaiin word that means family. As Lilo said, "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."

As always, nearing the holidays, I think about my family. I think of those close and at a distance. Those that are blood and the family whom I've adopted. Family means unconditional love, security, and comfort. For some members of my family it's probably been a year or more since I've last seen or heard from them. And I wonder, when did that happen?

One of the things I remember most growing up is holidays at papaws house, that meant everyone got together, whether, at the time, we liked it or not. But somehow we all got together, we all got along. It was happy memories of laughter and togetherness for me. Something that doesn't happen so often, togetherness. We had forgotten to reconnect, we didn't have the glue to hold us together. So we drifted apart, we forgot and went on. In the past couple years though, we've rekindled the love, the togetherness. We made it priority to get together, to be a family, and since? We've met and connected. We've made sure nobody is forgotten.

Family means togetherness. Family means connection.

Then, there are the people, those not connected by blood or family line. Those who retire by your side, those who help and heal. Those who are family when real kin hides away in their own lives. Some of the most important people to me have been friends, friends who haven't always been family but have earned the title. The people that I would trust with my life. The people who I could walk in the doorway without knocking. (Although I usually knock anyway.) Family means trust.

Perhaps my family isn't the best at keeping in contact, but the family I have, whether existing in my family tree or in nearing forests, I ache for those who have no family. Orphans to the world. How? How could it be that one could be without family at all? The lonesomeness must consume. To whom do they go to for advice or care? To whom do they call with good news or bad? To whom?

Family fills a cavity of the heart unfillible by any other means. So here is to loved ones, far and near. Family is most important, so keep in touch. Don't allow the loneleness to rule your actions, communicate. Love. Be there for family, the ones that will love you when no one else will. The holidays are coming so take the time to remember, remember those lost, and don't let any be forgotten.

Family most of all means love.