Did you know? Grandview Lodge serves a fantastic Sunday brunch

One Grand View after another

By Paul Viau | Sep 07, 2012
Photo by: Donated photo YUMMM — If you're planning a private party, talk to the Grandview Lodge. And, in the mean time, check out what they're serving for Sunday brunch this week at www.grandviewlodgenc.com.

My wife and I will never forget our first glimpses of Haywood County. We were on a day trip from Cashiers with Carol’s mom. The Cashiers/Lake Glenville area had been our fall getaway destination for several years, and got us seriously thinking about buying a home in North Carolina. But on this particular day, we set out to explore Waynesville.

Our itinerary included (1) a stop at Ghost Town Harley-Davidson and (2) a visit to historic downtown Waynesville with a “Must see Twigs and Leaves” request from Carol’s sister.

At Ghost Town H.D., Carol’s mom weaved through traffic (all ZZ Top look-alikes) with her own tricked-out “ride” — a custom, chromed-out, chopper/walker. The biker crowd couldn’t have been more impressed, or cordial.

Then we found our way to downtown Waynesville and were blown away. We shopped for a little while, "ooh-ed" and "aww-ed" at Twigs and Leaves, then had a nice lunch. The conversation quickly turned to, “We gotta come back here and look at houses.”

And we did.

That October, we flew into Knoxville, rented a Mustang and made our way through the grand (Smoky Mountain) views to our bed and breakfast destination — aptly named Grandview Lodge. For the next two days, we looked at houses high and low, and always made it back to Grandview Lodge for their happy hour.

On day two of that visit, we met another couple from Florida, who asked us if we saw any houses we liked. That’s when Carol (who is not prone to exaggeration like I am) said, “We saw one house that was perfect!”

Perfect? She said the word "perfect!" I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.

The following January, be bought our home in Waynesville, and that spring made the big move to WNC.

This fall commemorates five years since we stayed at Grandview Lodge, so Carol and I returned this past weekend for a celebratory brunch. It was the wonderful spot we remembered, made better.

New owners/innkeepers Terry and Nancy Ferguson (since 2007), have really improved this historic treasure, adding a huge, 2,500-square-foot porch. There they serve gourmet dinners for groups of 10 or more on Saturday nights and a delicious Sunday brunch, open to the public.

Grandview Lodge is also available for weddings, meetings, reunions, retreats, and get-togethers of all kinds. The spacious dining room and porch are easily accommodates more than 100. And Grandview Lodge has full ABC permits to serve beer, wine, and cocktails.

But back to our brunch. Grandview Lodge’s Sunday brunch menu (which is online a week ahead) included (on our visit) meatloaf. I brake for meatloaf. Most men do.

Our Grandview brunch also featured “killer” bacon — the thickest, biggest slices of bacon I have ever seen; plus wonderfully-rich apple French toast; and topping it all off was banana pudding with moonshine sauce. I’m still drooling four days later.

At just $12.95 per person, Grandview Lodge’s Sunday brunch is both great food and a good value. I think it’s going to be our “must do” after-church spot at least twice a month.

My only fear is that the Allens Creek Baptist Church crowd will read this, and judging by the size of that church, Grandview Lodge could be sold out well in advance.

So pleeeeease, don’t show this column  to any A.C.B.C. members. Just quietly check out the Grandview Lodge yourself — located at 466 Lickstone Road. For information and/or reservations, call 466-5212 or visit — www.grandviewlodgenc.com.