Order free radon kit

Jan 09, 2013

During January, free radon testing kits will be available through the NC Department of Health and Human Services' radiation protection section.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, with  more deaths related to radon-induced lung cancer than there are deaths associated with DUIs.

Radon is an unregulated natural gas that comes from uranium that is naturally found in our geology.

"The buildings we live and work in act as vacuums that draw in gases such as radon," said Philip Gibson, who is head of the effort. "You will not know what level of radon is in your home unless you test."

The short-term test kits being given away during January should hang in the home or work environment for three to seven days.

Winter time is the best time to test since windows and doors are typically closed.

Data at www.ncradon.org, that many western NC schools and homes have high levels of radon.  Radon-induced lung cancer can be prevented. Log on to order the test kits.