Osteoarthritis at the age of 20

By Max Maier | Jun 19, 2012

For 5 years now, I have had major back problems, which have grown in severity in the past year. So, at the beginning of June I went to a doctor and had my back x-rayed. The results came back, and I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Now granted, it is only a small portion in my lower spinal chord, but it is still very serious and has cemented a part of my future.

When I first found out, I was very shocked and upset to say the least. I questioned why I was so "lucky" to be given such a condition. It is a common form of arthritis, but it is very rare at my age. Lucky me! Fortunately though, I've caught it at an age where it can become more managable.

I've been given a physical therapists at the Medwest hospital in Clyde, I've already had three sessions, with more to come. It turns out many things have added up to help the osteoarthritis form. These things are not the whole reason, because it was still partly random and "fate." Tight hamstring muscles, and tight muscles around my hip joints tug at my spine and add pressure, which hurts. Also, i'm not of....proper weight....I'm no fat albert, but I'm no Ryan Reynolds. So that doesn't help anything.

Ok, that was the scientific side of the problem. The reality of it is, at age 20, I have to take it easy and coddle my back like an elderly person would. It has really changed my life, i have a back brace for when it really hurts or when i work. I also have to constantly keep an eye on posture and all of that.

Most of this may be belly-aching, but it's serious. I wouldn't wish this on any person, especially as young as I am. So my message to all of you is, eat right, stay in shape, and stretch your muscles. If not, you could end up like me, a semi-cripple at age 20.

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