'Over the River and through the Woods'

By Carol Viau | Dec 28, 2012
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It used to be, in days gone by, that families would travel to the grandparents' homes to see them on the holidays. But now-a-days, it seems that grandparents are the ones who travel to the adult children's homes to see them.

It's not clear what is behind this reversal. Maybe it's the complicated schedules families have these days, from soccer and basketball, to show choir and sleep-overs.  Could be that traveling with a family is a big production these days, with all the "stuff" people are acustomed to having with them at all times.

Maybe it's that parents are afraid to disengage their children from their electronics. Can't be without that video game, you know.

Parents may think that their kids won't know what to do at the grandparents' house without all the electronic stuff. Many kids these days don't seem to know how to have fun playing, with just their imaginations.

We watched an Adam Sandler movie with our grandkids during the Christmas week visit titled "Grown-ups." The Sandler-character father of three was concerned that his kids just played video games and expected to be waited upon. Through a reunion with his own childhood friends at a lake house, he taught his kids how get out into nature and to really play. They became children again, enjoying skipping stones, making string phones and swimming in the lake.

Let's bring back playing outside. We used to be happy playing in the sand box, raking leaves in the fall into outlines of an imaginary house and making snowmen in the winter. It was a good and happy childhood. We weren't deprived. On the contrary, we used our imaginations to play great adventures, "Davy Crockett'" and Mouseketeers.

Let's try to motivate our kids and grandkids to get up and get moving. Video games are fun for a while, but they aren't the only entertainment out there. Let's use some imagination and play — just for the joy of it.

And while you are at it, go visit the grandparents. They will be delighted.

P.S. The grandkids might be surprised to know that this grandma wrote this blog on an i-Pad.



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Posted by: Vicki Hyatt | Dec 29, 2012 19:54

Great suggestions, Carol. And, congratulations on your new iPad.

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