Overbay Insurance takes a risk that no insurance provider covers, they JUST upgraded to the Internet.

By Overbay Insurance Services /Ins | Jun 20, 2011
Photo by: Nikki White Overbay Insurance ~ 219 Walnut Street, Waynesville NC 28786

Afer much consideration and arm turning, it was to the bewilderment as well as the delightful surprise of their sales agent, that Jon and Stacy Overbay decided to take the plunge and become more active "online." It was a tough sale, says Nikki White, "one of the hardest ones yet." But it was worth the long nights of not sleeping, waking up thirsty and nightsweats, the thoughts that Overbay Insurace might actually pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Jon Overbay is a big man, and one that must think "overnight" about things, but he also has that sixth sense instilled in him that lets him know what the right thing to do it, which usually means to follow the advise of his sales representative when it comes to marketing.

So, The Mountaineer welcomes you, the mother and son team that IS Overbay Insurance. Welcome to bizMembers, I am glad you are here and I look forward to working with the both of you for a very long time.