Pamela Haddock demo at Cedar Hill

Arts & Entertainment
Mar 11, 2014
1:00 PM

On Tuesday, March 11, Pamela Haddock will be at the studio demonstrating more of her watercolor techniques.

Pamela learned to paint a 20 x 30 watercolor painting in one hour by participating in Quick Draw, the local fundraiser for the arts for Haywood County Schools.  What she discovered is that limiting your time in the painting process contributed to the consistency of the overall painting.  She continues to plan her paintings in advance by making a value drawing and planning the overall design.

When it is time to paint the paper is wet front and back.  Working on the wet paper allows the water to do the work - hence water color.   Pamela loves to share the information she has gained while painting in watercolor over the last 25 years.

“There are no secrets, no mysteries.” she says “anyone who is willing to put the time in with the paper and paint can expect to achieve satisfying results.”  “I wish I could say that art is something that you can just pick up and do, but the fact is it takes regular dedicated practice.  Sometimes people think art is something that should just happen and those of us who practice regularly can make it look like it is very simple-like it just happens.  Don’t be fooled or discouraged.”

Pamela reassures, “Anything worth doing is worth the time and effort.”Come make yourself comfortable and enjoy an afternoon with Pamela in the beautiful Cedar Hill Gallery beginning at 1 p.m. on Tuesday March 11.