Parent removed by police from Pisgah campus

By Vicki Hyatt | Dec 19, 2012

A mother upset about an incident on the school bus powered her way past the front office to confront an assistant principal in the cafeteria early Wednesday afternoon.

Her disruptive behavior, along with an unwillingness to leave, resulted in her forcible removal from the school.

Associate Superintendent Bill Nolte said a mother came to Pisgah to discuss an incident involving her child. When told that testing was taking place, and that the principal was with students in the cafeteria, Stephanie Ramsey refused to wait in the office, and instead headed directly to the cafeteria.

The school is currently operating under a testing schedule, and there were more students than usual in the cafeteria, said Principal Greg Bailey.

But the school resource officer, Scott Sluder, intercepted her immediately, he said.

"It gets our attention when any adult comes in without a visitor's pass," he said.

She then began to cause a scene.

“Instead of waiting, and instead of talking quietly, she became disruptive and loud very quickly,” Nolte said. “When she was asked to calm down or leave, she would not.”

The Canton Police Department responded to the call and escorted her off the campus. Charges are pending in the incident.

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Posted by: Beth G. Johnson | Dec 19, 2012 16:25

When a parent, supposedly an adult, indulgences in angry, inappropriate behavior, what does that teach our children?

Posted by: Kenneth M Johnson | Dec 19, 2012 22:12

Good work, Officer Sluder and Canton Police Department ! !  Every school needs good protection.  I am reading that a bill has been introduced in South Carolina that would permit school employees who have concealed carry permits to bring their guns to work with them.

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