Pasture dinners planned for a second season

By Vicki Hyatt | Apr 24, 2013
Dinner at the Jon Mann farm

For the second season, Clay and Katie Hughes are planning "pasture dinners" featuring local food with a gourmet twist served in unique settings.

"Last summer, we took you on a tour of local farms in and around Waynesville, some working, some turned historic landmarks," Katie Hughes explained. "Each venue had a different story to tell, a history uniquely their own. The one commonality tying them all together was that they were about community."

This year, the dinners will be changed up a bit. They will still feature a slightly unconventional, but memorable overall dining experience, but will showcase hidden pockets of beauty.

An April dinner will be at Tranquility Farm on Camp Branch, with some of the proceeds of the dinner being donated to the Open Door. The May dinner will be at  Clayton and Grace Cathey's Catfish Pond and Metal Sculpture Oasis where the chosen charity will be the Salvation Army.

"Our No. 1 goal of these pasture dinners is to put out great tasting food using ingredients we can be proud," she said."Our second goal is to offer an introduction to so many of the wonderful farmers, craftsmen and artisans who are right in our back yards. Our third goal is to offer a slightly unconventional, but memorable overall dining experience."

September and October pasture dinner dates and locations will be announced later.

"If you enjoy discovering hidden pockets of beauty around our great town and breaking bread (among other wholesome and savory sustenance) with the person seated next to you, over wine and musical cadence, then call or come by the Sunburst Market on Montgomery to purchase a seat," Hughes said.

Tickets are $80 per person. Price includes dinner, drinks, entertainment, and a view. The gratuity is not included, and $5 of each ticket sale will go to a chosen charity of each venue host.

The idea of the pasture dinners, Katie Hughes said, stems from the “Outstanding in the Field” movement, a nationwide effort to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food. The meals are purposely being kept small to create a more interactive experience between the where the producers and guests.

For more information or tickets, stop by Sunburst on Montgomery at 133 Montgomery St. in Waynesville, or call 452-3848.