Patient makes pies for good health

By DeeAnna Haney | Jul 13, 2014
Silver Bluff Rehab patient Rose Sutton and CNAs Cassie Laney and Haley Evans pick blueberries outside the facility.

As a part of her therapy at the Silver Bluff Rehab Center, one patient has been cooking up tasty treats.

Silver Bluff staff have planted about 10 blueberry bushes and some apple trees in the courtyard of the facility to offer patients as a form of therapy. When the weather is nice and the fruit is in season, rehab patients are taken outside to pick the fruit. But one patient, Rose Sutton, decided to do a little more with the blueberries.

Instead of just eating the fruit, Sutton made two pies in the kitchen of the rehab center, which is used as another form of therapy.

"I think it's valuable because it's entertainment, yet it's a learning experience also," Sutton said.

Silver bluff Rehab offers short term physical rehabilitation services with a goal of the patients returning home.