Pet Care Includes Knowing What To Do "In Case"

By Connie A. Hewitt
Photo by: Open Source

As we run across good tidbits of useful information on this subject I will post to this blog.  We at Haywood Spay/Neuter work to encourage spaying and neutering to cut down on the numbers of animals entering our local shelter because they had the misfortune of getting lost or being turned in by owners who don't want them for personal reasons.

But the whole spectrum of animal welfare is our ultimate goal and therefore we will post to this blog as we find items that can help expand pet owners' knowledge of resources and how-to for pet care.

Today's post is a link to Poisoned Pets website  They have posted The Complete Guide to Making a Pet Food Complaint.  We trust our pet food manufacturers but quality control can and does sometime get lost in the push to make money for the company.  You need to know this if you ever suspect that your pet's food may be causing illness.