Pinky Promise?

By Kristian Buckner | Sep 24, 2012

I was young, with big doe eyes, full of trust for the world, as most children are. With my petite, fragile, pink pinky finger, I held it up away from the rest, and asked with all the importance and significance a pinky can hold, "do you pinky swear?"

I was told starting out, that one doesn't lie. One always tells the truth, and with the truth, we could keep true to our word. We could trust others' words, or at least hold them accountable for it. So, I've believed it. We shouldn't say what we don't mean. Talk is cheap, and broken promises are untrustworthy. As with anything in this world whether personal, public, business related, or anything, if you make a promise, you should always keep it. Don't make promises you can't keep.

We make who we are with what we allow to escape our mouths, I've made this clear before. What we are told is that actions speak louder than words, and in a sense, they do. Yet, at times, our words speak so loud, they shout and cry and drown out any actions that we make. Our words are what we are judged for, by intelligence and character standards. We are held to our word and our lives are bound to what we have spoken, and worse what we written down. It escapes me somehow, how everyone has lost that concept now, though. They write things down, put them for the public to see, on websites, available to any open eye. They put things without thought, without dignity or respect. They put things that I wonder why they would think that it's okay? Words are often written out, forever to be documented, that should never have been said.

It's not just full out promises that should be kept, it's your word. Lies have to be eternally kept up, never forgotten. However a lie is often forgotten, and mashed up with the truth, blurring memories, so the real story can't be unveiled. The truth hides behind liars and those who can't keep it clear. I can only imagine what effort this must take! The effort to break promises, to keep up elaborate stories and lies, why must that ever be necessary? Why not just don't say it if it's not true.

I have had bad experiences with people, some who's trust I've lost because they couldn't keep simple promises made to me. I held them to their word, which I was told I could, and the promises fell through. Empty words will lead to broken truths. Let downs. Mistrust. How could one trust anyone who spews words without mass, filled with air, floating away?

"Pinky promise me" I said. Promise me that you'll tell me the truth. Promise me, promise me. Then and now, young and older, I keep the same weight of promises. And I am sure to keep my own. I will always be good to my word, unless I am on my deathbed and tragically unable.

I think this is a good lesson and judge of character. If a person can keep a promise to you, then it is a good sign that their word can be trusted. If a person cannot keep them, then perhaps they never will. If the person is you, evaluate why you make promises you can't keep. Consider what it feels like when you were promised to go to the toy store and your parents never took you, or you when you were promised the presence of another and they never showed up. Remember these feelings when you are about to say something, and remember you will be held accountable. Also, for all you social networking people, don't put something on a website which you don't want to later find you. Your words define you. Your promise defines your accountability. Never let empty words pass your lips and float to the world. And always, always keep a "pinky promise."