Pisgah ROTC wins back to back drill championships

Mar 20, 2013
Photo by: Donated photos DRILL TEAM CHAMPIONS — Pictured above, after the Enka competition, are PHS ROTC drill team members, from left, (front row) C. Satterly, K. Nichols, Z. Bruce, T. Doffin,  M. Cary and M. Haynes; (middle row) H. Cole, F. Evans, T. Harkins, V. Aguirre, J. Jimison, B. Bryant, R. Dennard and M. Nichols; (back row) D. Norris, L. Hendricks, T. Ashe, S. Jones and S. Meade. Below, competing in the Erwin drill competition are, from left, (front row) T. Ashe, C. Satterly, H. Cole, K. Nichols, B. Bryant, T. Doffin, T. Harkins and M. Nichols; (middle row) M. Cary, F. Evans, M. Haynes, R. Dennard, M. Payne and V. Aguirre; (back row) D. Norris, Z. Bruce, S. Jones, S. Meade, T. Register and C. Carr.

The Pisgah Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) drill team traveled to Enka and Erwin Drill meets the last two weekends. The team competed at the “Rolling Thunder” Drill meet March 9, at Enka High. Pisgah competed against five ROTC schools representing Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine schools.

The meet consisted of seven drill events including individual, duo, squad, and platoon events in regulation and exhibition formats, and a Personnel Inspection. The Pisgah team competed, remaining focused throughout the day, placing first in six of the seven drill events and in the Personnel Inspection, and second in the eighth event, resulting in winning the Overall Championship trophy.

On March 16, the Pisgah Drill team traveled to Erwin High School to participate in the “Mitch Carver” Drill meets. With only four days to learn and practice all new commands, the cadets arrived at Erwin with determination and confidence.  Nine schools from Western North Carolina representing the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine ROTC schools competed in six drill routines, and the Personnel Inspection.

The Pisgah cadets, once again, made a near clean sweep placing first in five of the drill events and in Personnel Inspection, and second in the last event. The team performed almost flawlessly scoring a perfect score in one event, the first time obtaining a perfect score at Pisgah in 11 years, and also received two minor discrepancies in two other events.  The team amassed 1178 of a possible 1245 total points earning 94.6 percent of all the available points at the meet and earning another overall Championship trophy,