Pisgah seniors take a trip down memory lane

Apr 20, 2017
Photo by: Donated A group of seniors from Pisgah High School recently visited their old elementary school, Clyde Elementary.

A group of Pisgah High School seniors got a strong dose of nostalgia recently when they visited their old stomping ground at Clyde Elementary School.

The seniors were welcomed by Principal Clint Conner and several classes of students and teachers, who cheered and sang a special song that the school’s music teacher wrote and composed.

Students, parents and teachers reminisced about the similarities of the Kindergarten Rainbow Day photo as the class of 2017 gathered in the gym for a group photo.

Seniors were heard saying, "I know these halls used to be much longer." "My favorite place was the library." "It's great that we are still friends."

"It was so great to see these precious former Clyde babies,” said Sherry Justice, a second grade teacher to many of the seniors. “They are forever in my heart.”