Play ball in Bethel

Aug 09, 2013

Football is a deeply rooted tradition in our culture and it starts at a young age. A football team is also an important part of a school’s athletic program as well as its identity. Bethel Middle School is in danger of losing that tradition and identity this year if it can’t find more students willing to play the game.

As of Wednesday, only about 11 student athletes showed up to practice. This is a drastic decline from the 30 members the team had last year. The decrease could be accredited to a number of factors, including more students participating in youth sports; more families without the financial means to support an athlete or students simply have more interest in playing video games than playing football.

We hope the Bethel team is just off to a slow start and that plenty of potential athletes will be available to play once school starts back in late August. It would be a shame for the school not to have the excitement of home games and it would be a shame if the Bethel cheerleading squad had no one to cheer for from the sidelines.

The athletes who do want to play will either have to go back to youth sports or play for the Canton Middle School team, which already has 60 members. If that happens, we doubt many of the players will get the playing time they need before moving up to play for Pisgah High.

We encourage you to get your Bethel student to a practice if they have any interest in being on the football team. The small school is known for its community support and it’s needed right now.