PlottFest is a success

By Vicki Hyatt | Jun 22, 2014

MAGGIE VALLEY — There was plenty of fun at the 2014 Plott Fest, which music, plenty of Plott hounds, an abundance of vendors, each with a story, and plenty of people to make the festival fun.

The non-stop music was a hit, and after a quick run around the grounds to search out their favorite vendors, many sat in the shade of a large tent to enjoy the lively tunes filling the air.

This is PlottFest's third year of providing a festival that hits a responsive chord with the public — and raises funds for HeadStart.

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Posted by: Linda Sexton | Jun 25, 2014 08:32

I am happy to see a good turn-out once again for Plott Fest and the funds raised for Head Start.  I was also happy to learn that local hunters visiting the Wayward Hounds tent were able to see the stats on the numbers of hounds, including lots of Plott Hounds that are turned in and euthanized at the Haywood County Animal Shelter last year.  Apparently, many were surprised by it. This is good because pressure from hunters who value their dogs and treat them well, may sway the others who do not.  I know that Wayward Hounds is striving to make life better for hounds in Western North Carolina.

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