Poetry Workshop

By Blue Ridge Books | Apr 11, 2013

Transforming Your Emotions Through Poetry: What You Wish You Had Always Known

Blue Ridge Books will be offering a poetry workshop on Saturday, April 20th at 10:00 am.


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Awaken your creativity in this poetry & writing class designed especially for women and mothers. This two hour workshop gives you the tools to express yourself and find your creative side. Whether you love writing, music or visual art, this talk will build your creativity as you explore great poets, discover how to express and write down your own emotions, and share your newfound voice with others.

Through this workshop you will learn how to:

- Discover and and learn how to speak meaningfully about emotions

- Develop your writing & communication skills

- Grow to see and explore your inner world in beautiful ways

- Experience "a new rebirth of wonder," as you discover beauty and poetry in the ordinary activities of day-to-day life



Mary Ellen Phillips spent two years teaching poetry workshops for mothers as a way to work through emotional experiences and traumas. Funded by a research grant through the UNCA- ACA, she used creative writing to explore difficult or hidden emotional spaces and discover new avenues of growth. She is in the process of writing a new book, "Poetry and Transformation" based on the amazing things she discovered through her work with young mothers.

A young mother of five herself,  Mary Ellen grew up in Haywood County and went on to travel the world with her children while working for non-profits in inner city Philadelphia, London and India. After having an emotional crisis while living overseas, she retuned home to her native Haywood County to settle down and focus on the healing she desperately needed. Through-out her process of recovery, poetry was a source of strength and inspiration. When she decided to go to school to follow her dream of writing poetry, she quickly became aware that all that she wished someone had shared with her all that she had come to learn while she was a young mother struggling to raise children. She wanted to share poetry as a powerful tool for other mothers who needed inspiration and a way to express their emotions meaningfully and creatively.

Her idea took off, and through the classes she offered, other women began to experience profound insight and emotional awareness as well as come to love poetry as a friend and way to experience their day-to-day world differently.

Mary Ellen's life embodies the goodness and wonder that is embedded in the ordinary routines of day to day life. In fact, the ordinary activities of daily life can be the catalyst for what poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti called a perpetual “rebirth of wonder.”  Poetry helps us transform the ordinary into the extraordinary by using the music, rhythm and magic of language.

She now helps women revive their creative life and find their own potential for awakening and emotional growth through workshops she teaches in many settings.