Prometheus movie review

By Max Maier | Jun 30, 2012

I won't talk about too many movies on here, but Prometheus seems like a big and popular enough film to warrant attention. I will try not to spoil anything, because this movie needs secrecy.

In 1979, Ridley Scott release Alien, a sci-fi horror film about a crew on a space station are attacked by a mysterious alien monster. The only survivor was Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver. She eventually escapes the space station and kills the alien. There were 3 other sequels released, with the first sequel being the only good ones.

So instead of creating another sequel, Ridley Scott has returned to create the prequel story to the original Alien. Prometheus is supposed to set up the events for Alien and possibly answer many questions. The final result, doesn't quite deliver.

Prometheus is the name of the spaceship the humans travel in in the movie, thus the title. The movie follows Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace, along with her husband and other crew members we don't get to know too well. When you don't learn about crew members in these movies, their lives are at stake. Shaw and others have traveled to this distant planet to find the secret's of the human origin.

Also on the ship, is a big representative of the Weyland group, a.k.a. the corrupt organization that put the crew in Alien in danger. Once again, the Weyland group has hidden agendas that will keep you guessing in this movie, although the payoff is a little sketchy.

The best part of this movie for me, was Michael Fassbender's performance as David. In homage of the franchise, David is an A.I. or robot that is perfectley designed to act human and think like a human, yet without any emotions. Fassbender delivers an amazing performance and every scene with him is improved. He nails his role perfectley and steals the show. David was created by the Weyland group, so his allegiance is very blatant throughout the film. His performance reminds me of HAL from 2001: A Space Odessey, except better.

As mentioned earlier, the group is on this planet to try and find the origins of human life and creation. As you can imagine, this leads to many science and religion ideals. These concepts may offend some strong believers of religious ideals, who are not exactly welcome to what the movie shows. It is all pure fantasy and they don't, at any point, try to make it sound belivable.

That's actually one of the big problems with this movie, it is very far-fetched. Honestly, this is hardly a prequel to Alien. In fact, if it wasn't for Weylan's presence, there is almost no link to Alien until the very end. There is the other problem, the ending. The last 15-20 minutes of this movie felt so rushed and so out of left field, it is hard to walk away from. I was left with more questions after the movie than I had going in. This is a very confusing story that needed alot more explanation. Alien may not have explained everything in its plot, but it didn't need to, because it was very basic. If you are looking for a simple sci-fi film, prepare for confusion.

Also, this movie is brutally violent. There are several scenes, one in particular, that are cringe inducing and almost sickening. That one scene in particular almost made me throw up, it was that gross and horrifying. Those of you with weak stomaches or a prone weakness to gore, better either stay away or close your eyes at these parts. It is easy to block them out, because they have alot of lead up.

Overall, this is a pretty good sci-fi movie. The special effects are amazing, and the scenery is beautiful for being desolate and dead. The main actors do a good job, but Fassbender steals the show and should win an academy award for this performance. The story may be confusing, but it is a good one. I wish Ridley Scott focused more on linking Prometheus to Alien than trying to create some alien link to our creation, it is unecessary and quite frankly, poorly done with little to no explanation. The final moments of the film may dissapoint some, may even frustrate some, but it could have been alot worse.

I reccommend Prometheus to sci-fi fans, and of course, Alien fans. They should see where their franchise is going, even if they don't like the direction. Although, do not take your children to see this, this movie is for the strong and adult.

Also, wait a little bit after the credits, there is an additional scene. It is very confusing, but a very big payoff for Alien fans.


Overall, I give Prometheus a 3 out of 5 rating.


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