QuickDraw quickly approaching

By Margaret Roberts | Mar 26, 2014
Jenny Buckner of Twigs and Leaves Studio in Downtown Waynesville participates in last year's QuickDraw.

I have great news for all of you art lovers. Haywood County’s annual QuickDraw has had a date change so that it will be held on May 17 this year.

This is good news because in the past it has been held the last Saturday in April, which meant our summer residents were usually not here to participate in the fun.

For those of you who are not familiar with QuickDraw, I’ll give you some background. QuickDraw is a unique partnership of local artists, organizers and teachers committed to enriching the art experience of children in Haywood County’s public schools.

The profits from their fundraiser provides assistance to every Haywood County art teacher in the form of yearly grants. They also support scholarships to graduating seniors and funds for “beyond the budget” art enrichment. Since 2001 QuickDraw has provided an evening of fun for Haywood County and $85,446 in grants and scholarships to our schools.

All of that aside, the QuickDraw fundraiser itself is just plain fun. Area artists (about 20 to demonstrate and participate in the live auction, and about 15 for the silent auction) come together at Laurel Ridge Country Club and each live auction artist creates a work of art in one hour for you to bid on to take home.

There are artists such as jewelers, potters, and woodworkers whose work cannot possibly be completed in one hour. They will demonstrate their medium but have a previously completed work of art to be purchased by silent bid throughout the evening. Refreshments are available while you are walking around observing the artists at work and viewing the Silent Auction items.

A new event is being planned for those with limited wall space. “Little Gems,” paintings no larger than 11x14 painted beforehand will be available for a set price. A live auction follows and lively it is. It’s exciting to see the community exuberantly calling out their bids in hopes of winning the “prize” as well as drumming up enthusiasm within the crowd to raise money for our schools.

Each artist appears with their piece to explain a bit about themselves and the idea behind their art work. Art lovers, this is a wonderful opportunity to purchase from a respected local artist that you have admired and contribute to the school community at the same time.

Ah the dinner! What a delicious and varied spread they put out last year.  I particularly liked the fact that people seem to interact and get to know each other.  If you didn’t know someone there before QuickDraw, you may well after such an evening of camaraderie. A cash bar is available throughout the event

I admit it is one of my favorite nights of the year. I have the unique opportunity to aid in creating an interactive collage with all of our QuickDraw participants, artists and guests alike. Actually many of my most creative “collagers” have been the high school art students who are there to assist with set up.

After adding a piece to the collage, you sign your name to the mat provided as a contributing artist.  This enables me to meet and greet about everyone who comes to the event.

If this sounds like a good time to you, and I promise that it is, you can purchase tickets at the following venues beginning April 1, 2014.

Waynesville — Cedar Hill Gallery, T. Pennington Gallery, Mahogany House, Gallery 86, Great Smokies Creations

Hazelwood — Robin Blu,, Hazelwood Soaps

Canton — Polly’s Florist

Ashevile — 310 Art Gallery, River’s Edge Studio


You can go online at www.wncquickdraw.com to purchase your tickets now.

I do hope you come and if you do please drop by my station to chat, create, tear a piece of paper, glue and sign your name.