Rain barrels for sale

By Haywood Waterways Association | Jul 29, 2014
Photo by: Haywood Waterways Association

Haywood Waterways is still selling rain barrels to raise awareness of water conservation.

The 55-gallon barrels are made from recycled food-grade containers. They are fitted with a bug screen and have connections for a garden hose, overflow pipes, or to connect multiple barrels in series. Display models are at the Chamber of Commerce office, located at 28 Walnut St., Waynesville, and Cooperative Extension office, located at 589 Raccoon Road, where they can also be purchased.

The cost for one barrel is $80.25, which includes sales tax.

Rain barrels are good for water and a great investment for maintaining healthy gardens and landscaping. During drought they provide a source of water for irrigation and reduce the strain on rivers and wells. By capturing and retaining rainwater they help reduce stormwater impacts when it rains.

Each barrel captures 650 gallons of stormwater per year on average and also helps keep pollutants, such as airborne nitrogen, from getting into streams. Over their estimated 30-year lifespan, they have a value of $880 in terms of nitrogen removal and potable water savings.

Rain barrels can also be ordered through Haywood Waterways at 476-4667 or info@haywoodwaterways.org.