Rathbone keeps on giving

Voter turnout low
May 07, 2014

Five stars

As Sharon Queen Rathbone was struggling with a rare cancer than eventually took her life in 2012, those closest to her remember her deep compassion for and desire to serve others.

That’s why her cousin and closest friend, Gloria Trull and her niece, Morgan Rich, are undertaking a unique effort to keep Rathbone’s caring spirit alive.

The duo has organized the Sharin Care program to be offered through the Open Door using funds raised in the community to provide Rathbone medical care she never lived long enough to receive.

Sharin Care will help others receive the medical care they need by assisting with costs for dental procedures, pharmaceutical help and need for gas assistance for medical appointments. It is an effort that Rathbone would undoubtedly embrace.

There will be a dedication service  at 2 p.m. Friday, May 9, in the dining room of The Open Door, located at 32 Commerce St., Waynesville.

Those unable to attend the dedication can help by sending contributions for the effort to

The Open Door, 32 Commerce St., Waynesville,  NC 28786.

Voter turnout low

Historically, Haywood County has been above the state average when it comes to participating in elections. More often than not, the voter turnout in Haywood surpasses the state average, as well as the numbers of surrounding counties.

Such was not the case this week when voters across the state went to the polls to select their favorite candidates to represent their party in the November General Election.

While the statewide voter turnout was 15.68 percent, only 13.63 percent, or 5,729 of the county’s 42,000 or so registered voters, bothered to weigh in on the election.

That’s a pity. Whether it was forgetfulness, apathy or just plain not knowing what was at stake, there is no excuse for taking a pass on one of the freedoms that have made this nation what it is today.