Ray Byram to demonstrate oil painting at Art After Dark

Sep 03, 2014

Ray Byram will be demonstrating his oil painting techniques from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 5 at RE/MAX on Main Street in Waynesville at Art After Dark.

Byram was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and now lives in Western North Carolina. He is presently a freelance artist working in oils, watercolor and printmaking. He has done extensive commission work for private and corporate collections.

A former professor described Byram's work as "technical virtuosity." His love of nature, the Appalachian forests in conjunction with his love of impressionism have combined to synthesize his individual style which he calls a "tight impressionism."

At quick glance his work looks realistic, yet he employs many of the theories and approaches of the Impressionists. Byram's oils are almost exclusively done with small palette knives rather than brushes. He finds his inspiration though out the eastern mountains and forests, especially in North Carolina and north Georgia.

"The winding roads, the light filtering through the trees. That lighting effect is what I've been keying on. That sense of 'realness' to me, it is a very special spiritual, magical thing," Byram's website stated.