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Apr 12, 2013

Writer is vindictive toward Christians

To the editor:

I read with amazement the letter in the Monday paper responding to The Guide column that focused on the persecution of the apostles of Christ.

Heavens to Betsy, if the author wishes to be a devout atheist or a devout Gnostic, (it was not quite evident which one he was) that’s certainly his right and privilege.  But why be so vindictive toward Christians? And why assume that Thomas Jefferson was correct in all his opinions?   Could it be he missed something?

How does he know the Old testament is “crap,” as it was so crudely put?  Was he there?  And does it really matter what relationship Mary Magdalene had to Jesus?  And are the words “atheist” and “Gnostic” synonymous with “vituperative” and “vitriolic?”  Those words certainly describe the tone of your letter.

Ah, well, as a Christian, I still love him, even though he doesn’t love me. After all, didn’t Jesus teach us to love one another?  Or is that “crap,” too?

JoAnna  Swanson



Medicaid strategy has pitfalls

To the editor:

In a recent issue I spotted two seemingly contradictory articles—“N.C. Medicaid Program Receives National Recognition” and “Governor Wants to Overhaul Medicaid Program in State.”  Community Care of North Carolina is a nonprofit agency which administers the N.C. Medicaid program.  Patients are assisted in finding a “medical home,” and their primary caregivers manage their care, stressing prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and asthma.  This strategy prevents costly visits to hospital emergency departments.  CCNC recently received an award from the national Healthcare Leadership Council.  The ceremony was attended by Republican Senator Richard Burr who praised the efficiency of CCNC and emphasized it as a win for both patients and taxpayers.  The Kaiser Foundation recently reported that North Carolina had the lowest rate of growth in its Medicaid program as compared to other states.

Many are suspicious that Governor McCrory’s Medicaid overhaul is aimed at replacing CCNC with a for-profit out-of-state managed care company.  In order to hold down costs with anywhere near the success of CCNC, satisfy their shareholders and pay enormous CEO salaries, funds must come from the hides of the most vulnerable — children, the poor, elderly, sick, and disabled who have no ability to fight.

Provider-led, community-based care decisions will be replaced with rules of out-of-state bureaucratic administrators, motivated by corporate profit.

Republicans tout privatization as a panacea for all that is wrong, and Governor McCrory seems to be on a privatization spree.    I am of the opinion that privatization of essential public services results in lining someone’s pocket at the expense of the public being served.

Carole Larivee

White Oak


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Posted by: Joe Vescovi | Apr 15, 2013 16:49

Medicaid opinion by Carole Larivee was well written and hit the nail on the head.  I hope other people try to consider why we should change a program that works well.

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