Reader letters, April 1

Mar 29, 2013

Another option for the bullied

To the editor:

I have been following the recent dialogue about bullying in our public schools and find that one program has not been mentioned.

For several years now, the staff and volunteers of Mountain Mediation Services have been conducting anti-bullying and conflict resolution classes at the Waynesville and Bethel Middle Schools. The feedback from these schools is that our efforts have had a positive effect and we do love to work with these children. It seems that bullying has increased more on the school buses and by cyber attacks than at the school campuses.

Beginning with the Columbine High School tragedy in Colorado and forward, it seems that often the shooter(s) had been bullied or at least felt that they had been and this was their way to retaliate.

Thank you, The Mountaineer, for keeping efforts to control bullying on the front burner.

John C. Scroggs



Examine increased electric costs

To the editor:

I wanted to comment on Progress Energy (now Duke Energy) increasing the cost of electricity.

I consider electricity a luxury since I grew up without it.

I could do without it again, but what a burden since I’m older and more feeble.

I try my best to conserve energy,. Maybe if everyone would try to do that, they wouldn’t have to increase the cost.

I hope it is not just someone making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

Julia Hannah