Reader letters, April 17

Apr 17, 2017

Meadows should appear at a town hall

To the editor:

Various articles in this newspaper have reported community concerns about healthcare legislation and the severe cuts to safety net programs outlined in the federal budget proposal.

As a result, voters in Western North Carolina continue to clamor for an opportunity to meet with Congressman Mark Meadows.

At least for voters distributed along the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway and Interstate 40, Mr. Meadows continues to decline.

This is puzzling, since Mr. Meadows has been quoted by The Mountaineer saying, “when he’s home, he likes his sole focus to be spending time with his constituency.”

The schedule for Congress provides a district work period nearly every month, a total of 14 weeks throughout the year.

Mr. Meadows lives in Biltmore Park Town Square, a 40-minute drive to Waynesville (the scheduled site of an April 23 Town Hall).

The April recess extends for two weeks, however, a scheduled Sunday meeting seems to be a hardship as well.    Why is this part of the district relegated to an August only constituency meeting? (Congress is in recess for that entire month.)

Are there not enough opportunities for Mr. Meadows to exercise his “sole focus” meeting with constituents more frequently?  Whose issues and concerns are paramount?

Absenteeism is never a good trait, regardless of the job.  It is also a frequent reason for termination.

Mary Thomas



To the editor:

Thank you for the article in the April 12 Mountaineer which reports the “A Community Thrives” contest which is funding new ideas for community life.

There are three divisions:  Wellness, Arts & Culture and Education.  Our entry was in Education using the successful program Citation Awards.

The Haywood School Foundation uses a designated gift of $10,000 from which a committee of the school selects students, teachers, and members of the community for outstanding leadership for recognition in many areas such as mathematics and  reading awards, All District Band, Battle of the Books, Citizenship award, State Honor Chorus and Educator of Excellence.

Last year, over 400 awards were given and at the time of application this year, the school had given 240 Citation Awards.  Each award gives $25 to the school foundation for use in education programs.

We hope all the persons who know the value of education and those who have received Citation Awards will go online at and vote for Citizen Awards for Education.  We must have sufficient votes to be among the 10 finalist in our division.

We are a rural community and are competing with urban areas.  You must be 13 years old to vote. You can vote every day unto May 12.  Please do.

Doris B. Hammett, MD

Asheville, NC 28803

Let’s cut taxes now

To the editor:

Quick tax cuts are a must if the economy is to gain momentum. We seem to be stalled because of the healthcare reform delay. I realize that they need the savings from healthcare to finance the tax cuts.

Why do we not pass the corporate tax cut and the repatriation incentives at once and do the individual tax cuts two steps. This would give the economy time to show the impact the above cuts would bring.

Start the economic engine now and follow it with a firm commitment on a two step individual cut.

Bruce Gardner