Reader letters, April 18

Apr 17, 2014

Thanks for article on fluoride

To the editor

It was a surprise and a pleasure to see this serious subject on the front page of the Mountaineer by staff writer DeeAnne Haney.

She did a very thorough job of presenting the history and the facts of where this country is today in the regulation of fluoride treatment.

Your article provided an objective look at fluoridation. Long overdue but much appreciated.

To think Americans have been poisoned with this neurotoxin for so many years, it makes one wonder why this has been tolerated.

Christa Malone



Survivor story was moving

To the editor:

I was quite moved to find a front-page article about Dr. Eric Wellisch, the 93-year-old Asheville resident and Holocaust survivor, who recently spoke at Bethel Middle School.

The message of the Holocaust is universal and eternal.  Intolerance was and is still very much part of our world.  We were reminded of this only yesterday in Kansas City, where innocents were murdered because of one man’s prejudices.

Thank you for providing this beautiful story as a testament to survival and overcoming evil.

Ivy Dyckman



Who is really on your payroll?

To the editor:

The American taxpayer is the largest employer in the country. What assurances do we have that we are getting clear and unaffected decisions and actions? The answer is none.

I believe that it is in the taxpayers’ and the country’s best interest to require every person that is on the public’s payroll to submit to drug testing. I’m talking about every public employee from the custodian at our schools to the President, the members of the Supreme Court, Congress and their staff’s, teachers, etc.

If you agree with this, please contact your Congressman or woman and urge them to sponsor a bill making this mandatory. I would urge them to recruit every member of Congress to co-sponsor the bill. The names of any that refuse to support this effort should be made public.

I know that there would be a lot of push back from the public employee’s unions and the teacher’s union as well as the ACLU, but do you want your child being taught by someone on cocaine?

How about decisions being made regarding national defense and the country’s finances being decided by people under the influence of mind altering substances?

I would also like to see drug testing for anyone who files to run for public office. Is this too much to ask?

Many large companies in America require testing pre-employment. Why not the same protection for your money? Join me in this effort by contacting your Representative and Senator. If they say they will not support this, ask why.

Bruce Gardner