Reader letters Aug. 16

Aug 15, 2013

Come listen to Rep. Meadows Tuesday

To the editor:

Kudos to our Congressman Mark Meadows for joining us here in Haywood County for a real live and lively town hall meeting on Aug 20 at our Haywood Community College Beall Auditorium at 6 p.m.

I remember when Representative Heath Shuler hide behind closed doors and held a town hall meeting via phone calls from an undisclosed location.

I called in 45 minutes early in order to make sure I got in line early to speak with Rep. Shuler. I was put on hold for about 40 minutes and sure enough his staff answered the phone, took my name, phone number and address and then asked me what my question was.....I said “I don’t have a question.  I would like to share with Rep. Shuler my opinion regarding the Health Care bill they are talking about in Congress.”

His staffer said Rep. Shuler did not want to hear opinions.  He would only answer questions and they hung up on me.  So much for that Town Hall.

I supported Mark Meadows from the day he stepped into the political arena.

I questioned him incessantly and visited with him many times.  I suggested he seek a vaccination of some sort to protect him from the old school DC Politics before leaving for Washington.

It appears he found some sort of vaccine or antibiotic. He has held tight to his campaign promises.  Check out his voting record at  You will be proud of him and so am I.  He is not afraid to be held accountable to those he represents.

He is quick to personally respond to emailed questions.  You will find he often answers his own phone when constituents call.

Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange ideas with Mark Meadows.  He will not only answer questions but will respect your opinions too.

Jonnie Cure’