Reader letters, Aug. 28

Aug 27, 2013

Thanks for help on book sale

To the editor:

The Friends of the Library Book Sale Committee and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who made the 2013 book sale the second best sale ever.  Thanks to you, we raised $31,508.00.  Fantastic!!!  All of this will go directly back into your library to fund many programs that need to continue, new programs for the patrons and the communities, materials, and whatever else the library will need this coming year that may not covered  in the budget or grants.

We had wonderful and interesting donations of books and other items this year from the public.  We thank you.  This sale would not be possible without the public and their generosity.  Our thanks to the library staff who help all through the year with their hard work and support.  Our thanks to Ingles for the bags donated for our bag sale.  The Mountaineer did another great job on publicity.  We would also like to thank the area radio stations, Smoky Mountain Journal, and the stores who allowed our flyers to be placed.

A special thank you goes to Linda Arnold for her hard work doing our publicity.  As important as all of these are, we could not do this sale without the volunteers.  Also, our deep appreciation goes to all the volunteers who help us during the setting up; the actual sale days and then the important clean up.  You always come forward willing and eager to work.

I am so honored to be part of the volunteers known as the”Book Sale Gang.”  They are dedicated and work hard every week, all year long to bring you this event. They are Kent Stewart, Peg and Stan Smith, Edie Sloan, Laura Soltis, Lynn Ebsen, Frank Burda, Bill Tennett, Jan & Ross Boyd, Art Swarthout, Dot Barnum and Gail Leatherwood.  Lee Myers, a dear volunteer who had been with the group for many years had to retire this year due to health reasons and she is missed.

Beginning on Sept. 10, we will be accepting new donations for a new sale.  We look forward to receiving your donations of new or gently used books – fiction or non-fiction.  Also puzzles, audio material, movies, music, children’s books, and odd ‘n ends. They need to be free of all mold, mildew, & insects. We are sorry, but due to lack of space, we do not accept textbooks, computer books, encyclopedias, magazines, or readers digest condensed books.   If you are unable to get the donations to us, and need help, please call the library and they will let us know and arrangements will be made.

Again, we thank all of you for your continued support of your library by donating, coming and buying.  The book sale was a success and a record year.  We hope to see you next year  July 24-26, 2014.

Sandy Denman

Proud Chairman of the Book Sale Gang


Wild animals get hungry, too

To the editor:

A few days ago I read an article in the paper. “Did you know” by Paul Viau, Guide post columnist.

He seemed irritated at the number of rabbits and squirrels, which he referred to as tree rats.

He went on to say farmers and ranchers had declared open season in coyotes. Does he understand coyotes can kill small farm animals, family loved pets, chickens and birds?

Since when do we pick and choose which animal we like those we don’t? It’s a pleasure to see a bunny hopping across my lawn.

I keep my feeders filled 12 months out of the year. And yes, squirrels come to eat. I figure those squirrels are just as hungry as the birds and they don’t seem to mind sharing the feeders.

I’m guilty of feeding a blue-eyed possum all last winter. He loved cooked oats. I called him Ol Blue Eyes.

Now I don’t feed raccoons or bobcats. They can be mean little rascals. But aren’t they beautiful?

I don’t like the smell of a skunk but they are another beautiful animal. Now snakes, that’s a different story.

I’m 90 years old. I’ll tell you how we got rid of our abundance of rabbits and squirrels; we ate them when I was growing up. I’ve set down to the table many a time to a plate of crispy fried rabbit and squirrel and Lord have mercy the taste of that gravy.

Now the next time you’re driving down the road and you have to brake for a rabbit, just pull of the side, roll down your window, take a deep breath, then thank the Good Lord because you’re in one of the most beautiful places in the whole wide world, Haywood County.

Lois Snow


Poll worker takes exception to letter

To the editor:

I would like to address a letter published in your paper on Aug. 21 concerning a new law aimed at providing honest elections.

I also have a view which is based on my many years as a poll worker in Haywood County.

It was an insult to me and my fellow poll workers about what goes on in voting places. Where does this individual derive his information on “dead voters, voting twice in different precincts, voting for your sister, aunt, cousin or comotose nursing home patient or bussing people across state lines and register them to vote on Election Day?

Poll workers are trained before every election or they aren’t allowed to work. Haywood County is so fortunate to have the most updated and accurate voting machines and also extensively trained workers.

Time is taken by us to make sure the person is in their correct precinct and we make every effort to follow all voting procedures correctly. Early voting is so badly needed and I feel most voters would agree with me. Voter ID is acceptable but all these other new laws are an obvious way to deter voting.

Students should have the right to cast their ballot on campus because of convenience. They are the future of our country and need to form the habit of voting and involving themselves in the democratic process. I urge everyone to make sure that you are registered, know where your precinct is, have proper ID, get to the polls on time and VOTE,

If we are all prepared under the new laws to vote, we can vote and we will vote. This is our right and we should all take advantage of this right that was given to us by our constitution.

If you aren’t registered, do it today. By the way, unlike what was stated in the letter in question, voters aren’t allowed to register on Election Day.

Rebecca McDowell


Comments (1)
Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Aug 28, 2013 09:12

        Dear Rebecca McDowell;

        Excellant letter!

        The abject ignorance shown by those that restrict and/or repress voter turnout is truly amazing. Perhaps they forgot the act of registration they themselves were required to submit to in order to vote.  Regardless, elected officials have no excuse. They should know better. What it amounts to is that the mccrorry crowd chooses not to represent anyone but their constituents and does not trust the poll workers to properly do their job, which as the evidence of very few voting irregularities confirms, has been quite good. Knowing full well that there have been few instances of improper voting, they impose restrictions on the voters/people themselves to make it harder for the common "person" to express their opinion. It is not complicated. Quite clear to see.

            Thanks for your service.

             Chuck Z.

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