Reader letters Dec. 11

Dec 10, 2013

Thanks Coach Allen

To the editor:

I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of Tuscola’s head coach, Brandon Allen, and all the assistant coaches.

The countless hours that have been put forth into Tuscola’s football program should not go unnoticed.

Sometimes, we as alumni players, parents and fans forget about all the time and dedication that goes into coaching our football team.

It saddens me to think that our local community puts more emphasis on the final record or the final score of a football game rather than what has been put into this program behind the scenes.

Everyone is quick to judge and cast blame on the individual who has taken on the responsibility of coaching and leading our young adult athletes.

Let me remind everyone of one important matter... No matter how well or how bad a team is coached or the time that is spent on preparation, it is the players that matter the most. They are the ones who have spent countless hours preparing for the season and they are the ones playing their hearts out.

The athletes know how much sweat, pain and tears that they have spent to make our Thursday and Friday nights enjoyable.

I have heard and read a lot of negative comments about the coaching staff every week and all I can say is, “WOW!”

All of these negative comments are heard by family, friends and ultimately getting back to our players which could affect and possibly already has, affected their performance on the football field.

I feel that everyone in Haywood County should know a couple of things about Brandon Allen that is never mentioned on a Friday night during a football game.

First of all, he is a positive role model for our kids. He not only teaches them the game of football, but teaches and demonstrates positive morals and a lifelong influence based on character and ethics.

We hear other coaches curse and intimidate their players every week, but not on our sidelines. Coach Allen prays with our coaches and players before and after games and in my opinion there is nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes, we lose focus on what is of the most importance. Coach Allen has earned the respect of the players and they would do anything in their power to perform up to his expectations (which are high).

If anyone has ever told Coach Allen “good game,” you probably got a humble response that he didn’t do anything, the kids did it all.

It’s just sad that everyone is so quick to cast blame or judgment on a person when they really don’t know anything about him or his program.

If the “fans” are that unhappy, then you had a choice on Friday nights. Come and watch the Tuscola Mountaineers and support our athletes, or stay at home.

No one is forcing anyone to come to the games. I think that Coach Allen deserves the respect for what he has put into our football program and should be commended on a great season.

Byron Davis


Meth-fighting efforts applauded

To the editor:

The tremendous cooperative law enforcement efforts to bring well over two dozen methamphetamine violators to justice must be highly commended.

I’ll gladly contribute my tax dollars to them all.  That kind of cooperation is the pinnacle of professionalism.

The Mountaineer is also to be commended for the Dec. 5 article about the horrors of meth addiction.

Thanks again to these folks who help make Haywood County a great place to live.

Rusty Wallace