Reader letters, Dec. 27

Dec 26, 2013

Thanks for your community focus

To the editor:

It is a joy to read The Mountaineer’s stories of people in the community giving their time, gifts, and encouragement to help others. The paper does an excellent job of covering news, the arts, honors, obituaries, and sports as a local paper should. What makes The Mountaineer exceptional are the staff written stories about residents giving of themselves for others. Thank you for your thoughtful work.

Richard Ploch



Holiday breakfast was a success

To the editor,

On behalf of the Waynesville First Presbyterian Church, we would like to thank our community for their overwhelming support of our first annual “Community Christmas Cheer Breakfast.”

It meant so much for our church to give back something to our community and we had a great time organizing and planning this fun-filled, festive event.

To see so many of you arriving at 8 when we opened our doors was gratifying  As the morning progressed, we were delighted that many of you stayed to enjoy Christmas carols with guitarist Craig Summers and our Presbyterian singers, pictures with Santa and our Christmas boutique.

Our congregation is made up of warm, friendly members and we feel fortunate to have had such a well-received event.  We will definitely have it again next year and look forward to having you join us.

Thanks to The Mountaineer for helping us announce the Breakfast to the community and for picture coverage.

Hughes and Margaret Roberts




Story on education contribution

Thank you Dr. Allan Zacher for contributing to the education of the children in Haywood County.

Cuts to education are detrimental to the community in that children are our future.

Educators of our children hold the keys to their future.  Every teacher I know teaches because they love children and want a bright future for them.

They give countless unpaid hours and their own money to make this happen.  Your donation I am sure has made them smile.  Thank you.

Beth Johnson


Column by Penny Wallace

Thank you Penny for posting these thoughts.  I, too, am enjoying reflecting on choices I have made in my life.

Living into one’s 60’s is truly a gift and taking the time to think about our lives is important.

Should we be granted another 20 or 30 years, may we continue to blossom and use the wisdom we have gained to the betterment of our world.

Tony and Linda Sexton