Reader letters, Feb. 11

Feb 08, 2013

Find your life purpose

To the editor:

A man named Eckhart Tolle wrote an absorbing and transformative book called “A New Earth.”  It is about awakening to your life’s purpose.

He makes some  very pertinent comments on an aspect of modern life some of us may not have previously considered, but which it may be very important to consider now.

Tolle discusses how TV watching, a favorite activity, or non-activity of millions of folks, causes people to dangerously absorb the thoughts and images that come through the screen.  Although he does not specifically discuss the violence children see, which most of us are aware is very toxic to the minds of impressionable youngsters, he does have an emphasis.

This emphasis is how mindless and long-term watching induces a trancelike state of susceptibility, similar to hypnosis.   In turn, this trancelike state lends itself to the manipulation of public opinion.

Politicians, special interest groups and advertisers pay millions of dollars to catch unwary people in this unaware and receptive condition.  In this manner, their thoughts become your thoughts, which is, of course, what they want.

He emphasizes that although television provides some relief from everyday worries, fears and anxieties, it has a high price to pay, i.e. loss of consciousness or “conscious awareness.”

Specifically, he warns about watching programs and commercials that assault the senses with a rapid succession of images that change every two or three seconds.

He claims, and I quote, “...those programs in particular are largely responsible for attention deficit disorder, a mental dysfunction now affecting millions of children worldwide.”

It could be that parents don’t have to spend many dollars on medication for a child with A.D.D.  Maybe all that’s needed is wean him from excessive and mindless television watching.

He also cautions everyone to occasionally look away from the screen, and keep the  volume down so the auditory level doesn’t overwhelm you. Particularly, don’t fall asleep with the set still on, as your subconscious will absorb the content of these programs.

Anyone read a good book lately?

JoAnna Swanson



Sounds like a politician

To the editor:

Apparently, a recent letter-writer wants every one to know which party he belongs to. So maybe he should put his name in for sheriff. I could care less about his party affiliation, but I could tell he is definitely a politician. He can talk out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and some of it goes one way and some the other and none of it means anything.

A politician of this day and age can’t keep a promise or do what they say once they get in office.

The writer said something to the effect of, “Old Buddy, I ain’t forgot you.” Sounds like a politician doesn’t it?

Will Phelps


When it comes to poverty, there are few scammers

To the editor:

Preparing for a recent medical procedure I was reminded how physically painful hunger really is.

As I fasted, I tried to distract myself from the hunger pangs by staying busy with mind games, crossword puzzles, and TV and doing laundry all to no avail.

Physical activity just made me hungrier.  The mind games helped a little but not for long.  I was ok with the crossword puzzles until the clue “pizza topping” came up.  And TV commercials every 26 minutes were about food.

The next morning I numbly began reading again about all of the planned cuts the members of the N.C. General Assembly are proposing that will lower unemployment benefits, cut off Medicaid and make it even harder for the poor to survive. My gut gave a painful wrench. I asked myself, “What is wrong with us that we are targeting programs that support the poor in their struggle to live while our legislators give to the rich in tax breaks that won’t provide equal benefit to the community?” Children, the disabled and the elderly are the ones who will suffer with the cuts in Medicaid.  Cuts to unemployment will affect these and their caregivers who will then be even less able to provide for them.  Does God approve this?  I think not.  Will we give to charities to make up the difference?  History says not and those thousand points of light grow dim.

My years of experience serving the needs of the poor have confirmed that yes, occasionally there are individuals and families who “take” and scam the system.

Those people are few and far between and make up less than 2 percent of the whole.  The effort to move away from poverty is an ongoing struggle that the majority of the poor spend more than their fair share of energy working to achieve.

These programs are vital to them and to us.   Cutting the little bit of help Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance and other support programs provide that allow people to pick themselves up and move forward hurts us all now and for years to come.

We the people have established our government for the general good of all and we should be demanding that those we elect keep that front and foremost in their deliberations.

Our legislators receive a decent stipend for 7 and a half months of work plus whatever else they are able to amass.  They should be more cognizant to the fact that they serve at the will of the individuals in their districts and be genuinely compassionate in their deliberations that will affect the lives of their constituents.

Most candidates running in this last election declared that they intend to follow Christian family values if elected.  Do these actions on their part measure up to the golden rule in Matthew 7:12?  “Therefore, whatever you want people to do for you, do the same for them, because this summarizes the Law and the Prophets.”

I’m letting my representatives know how I feel. Please add your voice to mine.

Penny  Wallace