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Feb 15, 2013

Highway Patrol officers aren’t profiteers

To the editor:

The task is to fill an interim vacancy for sheriff and already the character assassination has begun.  A recent letter to the editor tries to portray Greg Christopher as some type of unsavory profiteer instead of a law enforcement officer.  If you are not driving drunk, recklessly, or at an excessive speed, you will not have a problem with a Highway Patrol officer.

There are two Democratic candidates who have submitted their credentials for the interim position.  The decision on who will be selected will be determined by a vote of up to 100 Democratic activists and will be an open process.  This is more open than appointments made by a single person such as the Congressional and Senate appointments made by the governor in many states.

Since the current sheriff is a Democrat, state rules are that those seeking the interim position must be registered Democrats.  The Asheville policeman who claimed to want to get politics out of the process could have filed as a Democrat and been eligible to make his case as the most qualified.  However, such a move might not have set well with the big money folks out east who support only Republicans here in the mountains.

We have seen these plutocrats from out east spend $1.5 million to get Senator Davis elected to the Senate with innumerable mailings containing misleading and erroneous claims about John Snow.  We can expect that they will be spending big bucks in trying to elect a Republican irrespective of qualifications in 2014.

Kayla Pressley

Maggie Valley


Postal scare is another GOP-manufactured crisis

To the editor:

Republicans are single handedly dismantling this country as evidenced by the moves against the U.S. Postal Service. Since 1996, Republicans have been moving to privatize the postal service. The U.S. Postal Service is the largest employer in the US behind Walmart. Unlike Walmart, the USPS actually pays employees a fair, living wage and supplies benefits.

“Saving money” by laying off government workers and hiring them back as privatized workers paying them minimum wage also removes the accountability that goes along with having a government service. Downsizing the government means less money and wages for workers while a few wealthy people make a huge profit at the expense of the rest of us. Haven’t those of us who work for corporate America seen enough of this?

Employees are taking on 2-3 job titles with added responsibility and less pay so companies can reap record profits and the “working man” can climb deeper and deeper into sinking debt. The Republicans have imposed rules and restrictions on the USPS that are completely unfair. Requiring the government run agency to “break even” and pre-fund 75 years of health benefits for future employees is absurd. If the government wants to impose these kinds of restrictions on agencies, let’s start with the Department of Defense.

Republicans want to cut taxes, double military spending, and then cry years later that we need to cut government services—things that make our lives better—programs like Head Start. The impending sequester looming now could easily be fixed by Democrat proposed spending cuts and closing tax loopholes. However, Republicans won’t hear it. They’d rather cut services that benefit everyone, create more unbalanced economy in this country, eliminate the middle class, and make sure those wealthy folks who operate hedge funds and get us into financial crisis get those tax breaks they so clearly deserve.

The Republicans are clearly manufacturing another crisis in order to scare the American people. It’s getting old. The polarization in this country is going to destroy us as well as the greedy, soulless corporate backed politicians who don’t care about us.

Heather Hyatt

Maggie Valley


Consider whole energy picture

To the editor:

Is $400 million spent yearly by EPA, Energy Department and National Science Foundation necessary?

Consider the 200,000 oil/gas field jobs are in limbo, while the government subsidizes solar/wind  to provide 20 percent of energy in 2030? EPA carbon dioxide emissions are killing industrial expansion.

Nuclear power is politically forbidden. France produces 80 percent of its power as nuclear. China’s plan is 30 nuclear power plants.

Carbon dioxide tons per person population, from lowest to highest, is France, 6.1 tons/66 million; China, 5.3 tons/ 1,300 million people; Germany, 9.6 tons/82 million; Russia, 11 tons/143  million; US, 17 tons/ 315 million.

Factor Europe’s tons/population up to our 315 million population and they are 40 percent higher than America.

Ocean levels did rise 300 feet since 14,000 years ago. The rapid overflow of the Mediterranean Sea around 8000 B.C. (biblical flood) buried local people under the Black Sea. Warming since the last ice age (which covered one third of Russia, 100 percent of Canada, one-fourth of the U.S., Arctic and Antarctic) released an ice area of 23 million square kilometers.

Both polar masses together total 25 million today. Loss of ice mass in Alaska and Greenland is raising sea levels by 0.26 mm/year — 10 inches by 3120. America’s economy will be toast before 2020.

All agree, ice age lows (15.5/ - 14.5 degrees F] and warm-age highs( -3.5/ + 3.5 degrees F] repeated within a very close range.

Carbon dioxide parts per million ranged from 190 at coldest limits to 290 at warmest. No experts notice that those ancient warm peaks were sharp, lasting only 500 years. Our current warm peak has lasted 11,000 years — 22 times longer — with stable, narrow, temperature range of (+/-) 3.5 degrees F. Recent temperature highs are up one degree. CO2 highs (390) are up 100 points from 6000 B.C.

Alarmists, please wait — for temperatures exceeding (+3.5 degrees F) —for proof the longest warm peak in history is threatened by 100 ppm C02; for proof that long-term solar radiation cycles, changing elliptical orbit, or earth axis tilt are not the cause. Don’t sacrifice our jobs over flimsy science theory.

Jack Ryan


Comments (3)
Posted by: Charles Harrell | Feb 16, 2013 09:30

Mr. Ryan, you lost me in the 4th paragraph.  A lot of good statistics but it would have been great if they were in english.

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Feb 17, 2013 10:44

    As to climate change;

    When I first started taking part in the management of the farm, about 1959, we were using 80 to 90 growing degree day corn. Mold-board plowing everything. No bug problems. Little invasion of non-northern US weeds like polkberry or johnsongrass. When I quit in 1999, I was planting 105 to 119 growing degree day corn using a 12 row 7000 model John Deere planter equiped with a no-till gadget with 2 disks in front of the row that cleared out trash & created a level area for the planting unit. The heavy trash from irrigation insulated the dirt from the sun & was cold. Unlike tilled ground that had the opportunity to warm from the spring sun. We had to drop pesticides after the row unit while planting starting in 1975 after an outbreak of western rootworm beetle the previous year, which we had not had before, ever. Then japonese(sp) beetle populations exploded! Had to hire several over the top applicators. One using a small airplane, one a medical helicopter from Nam. Japonese(sp) beetle were voracious. Ate the paint off my house! Polkberry became an extreme problem. It came on late. After herbicides wore off. In no-till drilled soybeans it was devastating. One year we had no-till drilled a 200 acre field that had been drilled the previous year with little polkberry problems. This following year polkberry exploded to cover the entire field. In august I had to walk thru the field carrying a 5 gallon applicator with roundup & nuke the bloomin' things. It was very difficult as the soybean plants were 3 to 5 feet tall and very dense. I used the irrigator tracks as much as possible. Took two weeks.

Point is, the environment has changed greatly in just the past 50 + years i've been actively aware of it. In fact it seems to be changing ever faster. What is driving the change needs to be addressed.

While I was well aware of the change in weather, I was also well aware of the fact that the glaciers had previously slid down from the north leveling half of the ground I farmed and stopped, melted  & created steep hills & valleys like on my sire's farm, to the south. Not everyone has had such up close & personal a relationship with Nature. To their loss.



Posted by: Joe Vescovi | Feb 19, 2013 16:56

Heather Hyatt - great job!  Wish others could see what the GOP is trying to do with any program that helps others.

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