Reader letters, Feb. 28

Feb 27, 2014

Haywood community is exceptional

To the editor:

For the last 27 years of my life I have grown to love and be proud of living in Haywood County.  I have found it to be an exceptional place to live, and I am proud to be associated with the school system.

At Junaluska Elementary School, like Meadowbrook Elementary, we have been faced with the loss of a loved family member, Mrs. Nichole Reeves.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank:  the school community for their love, prayers, and other expressions of concern, the many people in the community who really did not know Mrs. Reeves, but who would ask how “we” were doing, Nichole’s family for allowing “us” to be a continued part of her life after her passing, the many other schools who made sure we were taken care of by sending cards, floral arrangements, and food, Superintendent Dr. Anne Garrett, Associate Superintendent Dr. Bill Nolte, and Principal Mrs. Sherri Arrington.  Our school and county administration was there to support “us” and allow our staff to come together in a manner that we needed to do to find comfort in such a heart wrenching time. I’d also like to offer a special thanks to local churches for their continued prayers for the Reeves family and our school family.

What a wonderful place to live and work, Haywood County!

Connie Allen

Junaluska Elementary teacher


Culture is being cleansed of gospel message

To the editor:

Thank you for allowing me to respond to the article appearing in the Waynesville Mountaineer dated Feb. 19.

This article reported that a “secular student alliance group” had been formed on the campus of Pisgah High School. This group is being sponsored by two faculty members. I wonder if these faculty members volunteered or were coerced into participation.

This student alliance group has found support with the ACLU and with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened a lawsuit against the Haywood County Schools if they did not cooperate. It was ironic that on the day this article appeared, it was reported on national news that the Freedom From Religion Foundation was successful in demanding that the Holy Bible be removed from a certain motel.

What do the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood and the Nation of Islam have in common? The eradication of Christianity and Christianity’s God. In an all-out assault on multiple fronts including the military, academia and athletics, those who oppose the Gospel are fighting to remove all traces of our Christian faith from culture.

Bible reading and prayer have been removed form our classrooms and from our sports events. And now we are allowing, providing a forum for an open assault against Christianity and our spiritual values to be carried out on our public school campuses.

Of greater concern to me is the silence and lack of action by professing Christians who make decisions as if there was no God. Professing Christians who chose not to attend church, do not read their Bible, do not pray, do not stand for moral principles, engage in questionable practices, drugs, alcohol, etc. If Christians would say to the coaches and administrators, if we can’t pray my child won’t play. If you schedule a sports event that conflicts with our regularly scheduled church worship and Bible study time my child won’t play.

I encourage parents to take a stand for the biblical principles upon which this nation was founded. I encourage our students to carry their pocket New Testament to school with them, to sit together at lunchtime and bow their heads and give thanks to their Creator for their food.

We dare not be silent on this issue.

Pastor Roy Kilby

Bethel Baptist Church

Athiest movement is disturbing

To the editor:

The news of an atheism club being sponsored by Haywood County School officials is disappointing. That one or two students, with supporting threats of lawsuit from two atheist organizations, can demand, and have success in making a “secular group” or club in the county school system seems improper. Probably if one or two students wanted to impose a “non-secular group” or club into the school, they would not succeed, even with threats of lawsuit.

The supporting organizations, Secular Student Association and Freedom From Religion Foundation, (both have boasting reports on their websites) are dedicated to: claiming the separation of church and state, and denying God and His Creation. There is, in America (and some other countries), an Atheistic Church, which should also be separated from state.

The U.S. Constitution does not exactly say “separation of church and state,” is says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…(Amendment 1).” One of Webster’s Dictionary’s definitions of religion is: “any specific system of belief, worship, etc., often involving a code of ethics.” It looks as if Atheism is a religion, and it looks as if this attempt to install atheism in our school is a violation of the intent of the U.S. Constitution. If so, this matter should be corrected.

Horace Edwards



Tithe stolen

To the editor:

Please watch your mailbox, especially when you put mail in at night.

I had been putting mail in our box by our front steps and the weather has been so bad in the mornings. I put our tithe for February and $.50 for envelopes. To my surprise, the “envelopes” came back in the mail torn and all the money was gone.

Now that I’ve had my cry and my angry time, I’ll try to be normal.

If you are the young fellow that said, “you were warming,” just think of the homeless children that are in school over here.  Our church was going to a meeting to see how they can help.

If you had a dad like I did, he’d get a switch and follow behind you all the way back to where you got it. He’d be hitting your bottom all the way.

Sure do wish you’d take it all back to the First United Methodist Church on 31 Newfound St. in Canton.

Cricket Williams