Reader letters, Jan. 1, 2014

Dec 30, 2013

County residents need to help fund public education

To the editor:

The article in the Mountaineer of Nov. 22, discussed the scores on the  2012-2013 end-of-grade and end-of-course assessment results.

The ranking of Haywood County Public Schools under the new Common Core Standards shows Haywood County 17 compared to Asheville City Schools ranking 4th and Henderson County Schools ranking 12 of our area schools. Buncombe and Transylvania Counties were lower as was the state.  These figures should give each of us thought.

Bill Nolte, associate superintendent, gave an excellent discussion on ways that the school system would meet the challenges of subjects, level and students need for improvement. If Haywood County is to be successful in meeting the needs, we must have additional personnel, qualified staff and supplies, all which include additional funding.

The federal and state budgets are not going to supply this funding. Haywood County is going to have to do it. Each of us can contribute is some way.  The Foundation for Haywood County can be our contact for needs, volunteers, supplies and money.

It will take time to get the system established, but we can do it.  Let us continue the support we are giving, but find other ways to be effective.

Doris Hammett, MD