Reader letters, Jan. 21

Jan 20, 2014

Teach children to pray

To the editor:

In regard to our schools, kids are very fashionable, and they are taught to do the right things by parents who care.

Do not take things for granted and try to teach them, not what we think they ought to know.

I absolutely am for freedom of speech, spent 12 years in service to our country to make possible to do just this.

So with this in mind to people who instruct these little ones, I ask you not to teach without praying about your minds on the good Lord.

If you can’t do this at work, do it at home before work. You would be quite surprised at the results.

So please no Muslims teachers. We have enough problems. These words were prayed over.

Ronald Miller



Vote for local control

To the editor:

This is a letter I’ve sent to Rep. Michele Presnell.

I would strongly urge you to honor the Haywood County tourism’s request to increase the so called “room tax.”

I would also encourage you to allow the good citizens of Lake Junaluska to merge with the Town of Waynesville, as they have requested, by very large margin.

I think these requests are in line with the Republican Party’s stand over the yearsfor less big government and more local control.

John C Scroggs