Reader letters, Jan. 29

Jan 28, 2014

Consequences of Koch control are serious

To the editor:

Although the billionaires Charles and David Koch can’t vote in North Carolina’s Senate race, they’re determined to control it.

Through their front organization, Americans for Plutocracy — excuse me, Prosperity — they have spent an estimated $5-millilon bashing Kay Hagan for her support of the Affordable Health Care act.

Meanwhile, in a mountain environment much like ours, some 300,000 West Virginians have learned the hard way what it means to let people like the Kochs pull political strings.

It is unclear whether the particular product that spilled was of Koch origin, but the event highlights one of the reasons the brothers work so hard, and spend so much, to defeat responsible politicians. Every dollar spent complying with a regulation is a dollar less in profit for the Kochs and their affiliates.

There is more than mere principle at stake in the Kochs’ rabid libertarianism and in their expensive assault on Senator Hagan. This bears remembering in November.

Martin A. Dyckman



Better service is needed

To the editor:

The staff at the Haywood county hospital need to be more caring and nicer like they are at Memorial Mission in Asheville.

At the Haywood County hospital, a stranger had to push my mom out in the wheel chair and they left her sitting next to the door alone.

At Mission, they stay with them until you get there and nurses roll them out.

Kevin Jones