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Jan 28, 2014

Consequences of Koch control are serious

To the editor:

Although the billionaires Charles and David Koch can’t vote in North Carolina’s Senate race, they’re determined to control it.

Through their front organization, Americans for Plutocracy — excuse me, Prosperity — they have spent an estimated $5-millilon bashing Kay Hagan for her support of the Affordable Health Care act.

Meanwhile, in a mountain environment much like ours, some 300,000 West Virginians have learned the hard way what it means to let people like the Kochs pull political strings.

It is unclear whether the particular product that spilled was of Koch origin, but the event highlights one of the reasons the brothers work so hard, and spend so much, to defeat responsible politicians. Every dollar spent complying with a regulation is a dollar less in profit for the Kochs and their affiliates.

There is more than mere principle at stake in the Kochs’ rabid libertarianism and in their expensive assault on Senator Hagan. This bears remembering in November.

Martin A. Dyckman



Better service is needed

To the editor:

The staff at the Haywood county hospital need to be more caring and nicer like they are at Memorial Mission in Asheville.

At the Haywood County hospital, a stranger had to push my mom out in the wheel chair and they left her sitting next to the door alone.

At Mission, they stay with them until you get there and nurses roll them out.

Kevin Jones

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Posted by: Lawrence Scott Boroff | Jan 28, 2014 21:40

Mr Dyckman brings up the money spent by the Koch brothers in NC, but ignores the fact that George Soros and others of the liberal bent have spent as much or more in NC for the same political gain. Is it only ok if it's liberal money spent? Conservatives are not allowed to spend money to gain influence as their liberal counterparts do? Why the innuendo that the Koch brothers may be involved in something even when you admit there's no evidence? Sir, you make a weak argument and then try to support it with rumors. I guess you don't have anything to back up your "feelings" then make something up and see if it sticks! I don't about the sticking part, but I can tell you that you letter stinks!

Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jan 29, 2014 08:56

The beauty of this paper and forum is that the paper puts out a democratic-leaning agenda and allows alternate views to be freely expressed and even published.  Some papers cherry-pick the alternate views to strengthen their agenda - so far, I've not seen that here.  (I would like to see at least one Mountaineer employee slant right instead of left though.)

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jan 29, 2014 10:27

           Generally speeking, the opinion and outright endorsement of Trinitarrianism, which Jefferson refferred to as a "desease", is far too right wing for my liking. We the people of Western North Carolina are very fortunate in that there are many groups of people that are fulfilling the very liberal admonitions of Jesus of Nazareth. He was afterall the first true example of a "secular humanist".

            Rachel Maddow has quite well documented the koch brothers connections in support of subversive tactics.

           Conservatives by and large fought for King George.

           No ever proclaimed "give me conservatism or give me death". If they had done so during OUR Founding their wish would have been granted.

            Either you support the cause of Liberty or you are a subversive to it. If so, it should come at your cost and no one else. 


Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jan 29, 2014 10:44

           There are many ways to guage the integretty of a person(s). I used to load lumber at several lumber mills affiliated with above mentioned people. It was insisted that I use their tarp machine which pulled the lumber tarps up and over the load which was actually of great bennefit. But! Once the tarps were tied down enough to move, I had to leave the property to tie down and secure the load. They did not want to be held responsable for accidents, like gee, I don't know, falling off the top of their load of lumber. In most cases I was far from any restroom or conveineinces whatsoever. Very annoying! In one case in upper Pennsylvania, the guard told me to be carefull there were bears and coyotes that hung out where I had to tie-down. It was dark. Took about an hour to properly tie tarp and secure load.


Posted by: Beth G. Johnson | Jan 29, 2014 11:39

This comment is in response to the letter about our hospital in Haywood County.  When my husband was in the hospital for over a week in January, every nurse, aide and administrator on staff was friendly, professional and helpful.  When he was finally released, on a bitterly cold night, the CNA put on her coat and hat to wheel him to our car.  No one could have been more caring.     BGJ

Posted by: Lawrence Scott Boroff | Jan 29, 2014 12:19

Mr. Zimmerman, Out of curiousity, what letter or response are you responding to in your posts? Trinitarianism?  Thanks for the ramblings, but not sure what your point was in your stories. Most Conservatives fought for King George? I believe the supporters on King George were called Tories. Tories weren't necessarily conservative nor liberal, they were Monarch supporters. Your statement is based on what? I would consider George Washington to be conservative but fought for Americas' freedom. What exactly is the point? I believe you are confusing what makes a conservative or liberal. Patrick Henry asked for Liberty or death. He didn't ask to be a Liberal. The difference in the two is that Liberty is the freedom from external and interanl government and being a liberal is to have the government impose it's view of right and wrong upon the people. The people serve the government. To be a Libertarian, on the other hand, advocates freedom from government from most things and relying on personal responsibility. I personally am a Conservative Libertarian. This means that I don't believe in making changes to be making changes. Make changes that are necessary as times change, but the government is to serve the people and not the other way around.  Obama (your new king) is a great example of a modern liberal. He wants government to control all aspects of our lives. The ones in power, determine what is right and what is bad. That's a dangerous game!

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jan 30, 2014 12:07

   Mr. Borof;


  Seems you are confused/misguided. "Torry", if you care to look it up is defined as "conservative, conservative by nature" As Jefferson quite well noted:" The weakly sickly timid man fears the people; and is a Torry by nature". While OUR Founders chose to rise-up and liberate themselves from the oppressive tyrranny of the conservative Calvinist Trinnitarrian King George and his Church of England, there were many who chose to remain his subjects. In fact there was quite the argument whithin the colony of Virginia as to join the Revolt or not with the those advocating for continued subjection and commerce primarily on one side and the radicals who embraced the Deistic notion of  the Liberty and self-determination of "free-will" primarily on the other. As I've read it they were gathered in a livestock type arena in a circular fashion(tavern across the road). In the midst of great turmoil, Henry rose and said these words:"Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! (Virginia Convention, March 23, 1774). Unfortunetly those advocating for the chains of oppression of ill-liberal laws that bind the mind or body are in great supply in their conservative quest of domination.

   As to buisness, Madison was quite clear that buisness was to be regulated and he warned of  perpetual ownership of property becoming a permant impediment to liberty, as was observed in Europe.(Property, Madison) 

     In The State of Affairs of Virginia, Jefferson quite well pointed out how the well-off provided all the funds to run the government as tarriffs were applied to all overseas commerce. Also that since the beginning, the colonists had employed a policy whereby those not able to provide for themselves were taken care of. OUR Social policies reflect that "liberal" policy.

        The Founding Principle of limited government comes initially from the Deistic notion of Naturally inherent or otherwise inalienable rights from a God that created all things great and small, never to intervenne again. This was expressed in George Mason's Virginia Declaration Rights, refined in Madisons Remonstrance and Remembrance Against Religious Assessments in Favour of the Teachers of the ChristianReligion, and explicitly expressed in Jefferson's Act for Establishing Religious Freedom:"Whereas Almighty God hath created the mind free; that all attempts to influence it by temporal punishments or burthens, or by civil incapacitations, tend only to begit habits of hypocrisy and meanness, and are a departure from the plan of the Holy author of our religion, who being Lord both of body and mind, yet chose not to propagate it by coercions on either, as was in his Almighty power to do;..." Combine this with the liberal Founding Principle that in a republic WE the people agree to be governed by an elected repesenative government while retaining OUR right to object to any action that WE can show harms US; and you have the principle of "limited government" But yet those on the right are constantly restricting women's rights, electors rights, minorities rights, and by means of the ill-liberal "trickle-down" whereby the taxes of the lesser-off are given to the alreedy well-off in the hopes that the giver might be trickled on, violating that liberal policy whereby all should be taxed in proportion to their ability to pay. Let alone Washington's Inaugurol admonition that "labor should be lightly burdoned".

      While I consider the Obominater to be far to conservative, and should have initiated a Tribunal against the errors of Herr bushishito, I know of no instance where he has violated anyone's "conscience" nor inherent inalienable rights. But you are quite free to pursue any action against OUR President if you can show how you were harmed by any action he has taken.



Posted by: Lawrence Scott Boroff | Jan 30, 2014 13:30

Wow, thanks Mr Zipman (since you can't my last name), your president has continued and expanded Bush's policies. Fast and Furious started under Bush, and was continued under Obama. Obama continued NSA policy of monitoring phone calls and messages. The wealthy have gotten richer under Obama than any other President. It's funny how the supporters of His Highness, cannot see these facts. They want to continue to blame the previous administration even when they have the power to change it.

Liberals in their fight to address the poor, has simply created a another form of slavery. The master has been replaced from being a man to the slave being controlled by the government master now. Welfare, Social Security, Health Insurance, Medicad, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, etc. You now depend on the government for everything. Look at all the people in Atlanta that are now blaming the government for the weather there. It snows 2", people panic and create the gridlock on the highways, but they expect the government to provide all the answers. Another great example is how we had a "gas shortage" a few years back. Nothing happened to create the shortage other than we the people, panic and started buying up all the gas. The demand became greater than the supply, and we had shortages. Do you really want that kind of society where you are taken care of from cradle to grave? Do you think you think you are independent now? We have become a nation of sheep!

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jan 31, 2014 10:35

       Mr Boroff;


         I didn't mean to misspell your name. Astigmatism and carpel-tunnel creates a problem sometimes.

         Duly elected Obama should have rescinded more bush policy than just those Patriot-Act inspired nonsense. Nonetheless, it takes time to right wrongs. When you have to administer two Wars not of your making with an entire party whose stated goal was to block anything & everything Obama tried, that makes it that much more difficult. Everything considered, he has done a pretty fair job considering the mess he was given.

           Social Security is an entitlement paid for by the people themselves with many receiving nothing from it whatsoever as they die too soon.

           Unemployment insurance is also paid for by & large by the employee & the employer.

            Medicaid & Medicare & Obamacare are government programs that were created to address certain proplems that certain individuals by and large could not/would not address individually. Very successful! Paid for by the taxpayer. These programs help level the playing field for all and in the case of Obamacare shifts the cost to those better-off as should all government programs.

             Most certainly there have been people that have gained the system. I have several relatives that brag about it. Very irritating. But what the small fish have done is nothing compared to the Romney types who used legalities to leverage buy-out factories, sell the assets including employee pension funds, move the industry overseas with subsidies paid for by US!

              I am retired. Not on any Social program whatsoever. My "boobied-half" & I are very fortunate. Then again I worked over 100 hrs. per week for over 30 years. Farmed 1,100 acres on average of primarily irrigated land did custom harvesting ground preparaition on another 500 and drove a truck over the road putting about 1.5 million miles on a 1970 KW sans power steering, air conditioner, front brakes, Jake brake, etc, pulling a covered wagon hauling primarily steel coils and bagged clay products. As we dried & hauled all grain to market, I harvested during the day & hauled at night. Average trip was 150 to 200 miles. Before KW, I used a 1977 International 2070B with a 20 ft. stone & grain bed with a two axle steerable pup behind. Put about 500, 000 miles on them,  Before that a 1974 1850D International triaxle with 18 ft. bed & extended headboards. About 300,000 miles on that. Before that a 1964 International two axle with a 13 ft. grain & livestock box with extended headboards, 5 speed transmission with two speed rear-end. Last time I saw it It had about 750,000 miles. Sire drove less than half. I started driving it over the road in July of 1964. I was just 13. There were several other trucks but they were primarily driven by sire or wife. After moving here I maintained my route between Andersonville, Ga. and Weirton, W. Va. putting about another million miles on KW/ trailer. Usually making 1 1/2  round trips one week with two the next. Sometimes 2 1/2. Before about 1995 I sometimes made 3 round trips. Miles add up quickly. Atlanta was not easily avoidable. Have been thru it many times. Even in good weather it can be a pain. Mayor and Governor screwed the pooch on this one. They should have just admitted it & gone on.

Again. I did not purpously misspell your name.



Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jan 31, 2014 15:45

Mr. Zimmerman, you've always got interesting stories to tell.  I hope to see you profiled by this paper someday.  Would love to hear how you learned to drive at age 13!

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Feb 01, 2014 11:34

       I'd been operating tractors since 5. The first one was a 300 International utility with a wide front end and a hydraulic bucket. Sire put me on it and told me to go pickup rocks. I couldn't push the clutch down so he had me put it in 1st and hit the starter. Took forever to get to where I needed to go. I spent the day filling the bucket and dumping the rocks using the starter to stop/go. I don't know where sire was, but the three work-hands thought it was pretty funny when he went-off on me for blocking the end row with piles of rocks. I was not a wanted child and he made that clear any chance he could. So I had to excell at everything I did. He eventually dis-owned and dis-inherited me. Not once, but twice. Even though we were in buisness together for the duration of my farming.

        The day in question I had combined enough wheat to fill the truck. It was an exceptional year. Wheat yielded about 75 bu/acre. My sire said "you know where the elevator is in New Haven?" I noded. He said "There you go". He hadn't harvested such a high yieling crop before. Had little experience with a self-propelled combine. Scared of it really. I was scared of him running it, too! But, I jumped in truck hit US.30 went East thru Ft Wayne and what seemed like a million red-lights, dropped the load at Central States, came back to the field. So it began. Bought a 1964 Impala 327/300 hp 3 on the tree at 14 going on 15. Drove it to school at 15.



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