Reader letters, Jan 3

Jan 03, 2013

Thanks for your work

To the editor:

Thank you for the honor of being named the “Person of the Year” by The Mountaineer.

It is encouraging to know that the work I do is understood.

Thank you, too, for all the public education that your paper has done on the crime lab crisis.

I believe that a WNC Lab is a reality for the first time. The editorial that was done by your paper about case dismissals was picked up by other papers across the state and did much to raise awareness to our desperate situation.

I also thank you for all the education you have done in 2012 related to prescription and synthetic drugs.

It seems that every family, including my own, is trying to find ways to cope with substance abuse.

Mothers, fathers, teachers, grandparents and all others are watching the avalanche of wasted lives and shattered potentials, with breaking hearts and utter confusion. Without the facts, a solution will not come and you have confronted these issues head-on.

In covering these matters the way that you have, the Mountaineer has fulfilled the highest duties of journalism and public service.

Ellen Pitt

Maggie Valley

MADD regional representative


Great job on article

To the editor:

I just wanted to commend DeeAnna Haney on the wonderful job she did on the article for our daughter Emily.

Her father and I are humbled by the blessing and amazing experience that Emily is getting ready to have.

She wrote this article so well, and we just wanted to send some praise her way for a job well done!

With much appreciation.

Sherri Christopher