Reader letters, Jan. 30

Jan 29, 2013

This is Bill Wilke

To the editor:

I appreciate the recent letter  asking the question: Who is Bll Wilke?

I am glad to have the chance to tell you about the man I have been married to for almost 13 years.

Bill Wilke is, above all, the most sincere man I have ever known. He is the father of four kids, a husband, and devoted Christian.

Unlike you, he does not carry a political party title that represents who he is or strives to be.

His purpose comes from something else, something much deeper and far more meaningful; for Bill Wilke, it is about public service to a cause much greater than himself, always preserving human dignity, and leaving a legacy for future generations that we can all be proud of.

Political titles do not matter to him. Bill Wilke came home from Iraq with a chest of medals he won’t talk about, or the friend he lost.

At times, I wasn’t sure he would return himself, and I will be forever grateful for the moment I saw him step off the plane at Fort Bragg.

Bill Wilke will always be the first to tell you about his kids, the place in Haywood County he calls his home, and the blessing he has been given to serve a community in Western North Carolina as a police commander.

I have known him to defend others with his very life and fight back tears when our county suffers another senseless loss of a young life to the plague of drugs that are taking over our community. To answer the letter writer’s original question, Bill Wilke is a man of honor and integrity. I would invite you to meet the man you so angrily protest, and on some occasion soon, join our family for a good dinner, a hot cup of coffee and the chance to know why serving Haywood County is so important to him and our family.

We would be glad to have you and your family in our home on that occasion. I would only respectfully ask that you check your politics at the door, there are far more important things that matter to our future as neighbors in Haywood County.

Shelia Wilke


Amend the Constitution

To the editor:

We, the American people, vote to amend our Constitution as follows:

“The U.S. House must approve a balanced budget of federal costs (no off-budget items allowed) 120 days before fiscal year end.

The U.S. Senate must approve it, or submit alternatives to joint finance committees for resolution within 30 days. Committee failure to reach a balanced budget within 30 days requires House and  Senate chairs to discharge all elected members for incompetence, and refer the budget to the 50 governors for a two-thirds majority approval.

Failure to reach a states’ majority within 60 days will mandate an equal percentage cut of every government cost center needed to reach a balanced budget.

Elections to replace House and Senate members terminated for failure to perform  their budget responsibilities will be held nationwide the following May.

Why is such a radical change required? Our misguided, vote-buying Congress has balanced only six budgets the last 50 years (with 24 years at war). They will never do it unless their collective jobs are at stake. To cover-up Congress’ financial lunacy, the Federal Reserve continues to print “funny money.”

Our simple purpose is to fire Congress for cause, if they won’t do their job. The Tea Party, young anti-war people, fiscal conservatives, all religious groups fearing loss of religious liberty, general public fear of national bankruptcy, will provide an army to knock on doors.

We only need new Eisenhowers and Kennedys to lead.

Jack Ryan,


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