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Jul 10, 2014

Survey questions raise eyebrows

To the editor,

An opinion survey is intended to produce facts about where people stand on an issue or candidate.

But it seems that candidate Jim Davis, who is running in NC Senate District 50, has turned the tables and doesn’t want to know what you think; he wants to make you think like him and is using questions like the old “have you stopped beating your wife” line to do it.

During the past few weeks, voters have been asked to participate in what starts out like any other political survey, but then it makes a sharp turn into ethical weeds.

The questioner begins to ask questions that are heavily weighted to produce only one answer — the one the faceless questioner wants to hear.

The target of these questions is Jim’s opponent for the senate seat, Jane Hipps. The questions are designed to paint Hipps as someone who is eager to stifle our educational system and tax us to death. The problem with that point of view is that Hipps is herself an educator who wants to put North Carolinians back to work and to see that we have healthcare.

Give Jim Davis credit, though. When your own voting record is terrible or even anti-people, it can be effective politics to attack your opponent on the very points where you are weak.

Davis voted to impose 137 new taxes on items and services we use daily. He voted for the draconian education spending cuts that are sending our teachers over our borders to teach. So, here’s list of questions for Jim.

What have you got against our school kids that you lowered school funding to rock bottom compared to other states?” “ I know you get hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions from the rich, but is that why you gave them a welfare-like gift in the new tax laws that put most of the burden of carrying the state on the backs of middle and low-income folks?”

If they call again I’ll tell them at the start that I have excellent reasons for voting for Jane Hipps.

Donald Stanton

Lake Junaluska


There are unknowns in bear shooting

To the editor:

I have been following the comments about the gentleman who shot the bear. A number of you do not think it was the right thing to do. It may not have been, but you were not there when it happened.

You do not know all the circumstances and do not know if fight or flight syndrome kicked in. You do not know if panic or self preservation was an equation.

There are a lot of unknowns here, but one thing is for sure. Many feel that a mistake may have been made.

However, to label someone as “a horror of a human being” is a bit much. We all make mistakes. Words, regardless of their intent, can and always have been a powerful weapon and can and will destroy a person.

Labeling is not only destructive but also reflects back to the person implementing such action. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are a horror of a human being the next time you make a mistake.

It is evident that shameful action was waged against this person and what has been done cannot be undone. It appears that tar and feathering is being called for here and retribution against him is a trait of someone who feels they are without blame.

Remember, “those without sin cast the first stone.” I have always believed that a society of laws and compassion does not hate the person but the actions of that person if they do something wrong.

Holier than thou is often seen as a self righteous indignation of a small minded person. But then again, this is my opinion on the matter and we all have opinions. I wish my life was perfect and all the world’s problem were of such insignificance that all I had to do all day was criticize someone who I felt was “a horror of a human being” for making a mistake or not.

Joseph Edwards



Band is right on the mark

To the editor,

I am not a fan of Balsam Range, but some of the things they said July 5, 2014 at Lake Junaluska were right on the mark.

“What is right is wrong; what is wrong is right. God does not change. The time is coming when every knee will bow.” We are told not to go barefooted. Sandals and flip-flops are all right.

Last summer, we were saying that we were standing on Holy Ground. We have completely reversed a ruling in Bible times, brought out in the Old Testament, in Exodus 3 and Joshua 5.

We are told not to make public prayers in Jesus’ name. If we did not, that would invalidate the whole prayer.

A children’s Sunday school teacher in Roanoke, Virginia, once said that if we do not make our prayers in Jesus’ name, God does not hear our prayers. Man’s rules may change. God’s rules do not change.

I am a fan of Folkmoot. One thing I like about Folkmoot is that it breaks down social barriers and cultural barriers. Hawaii has been all too much Americanized. The passage “every knee should bow” is found in the New Testament, in Philippians 2. Indeed, that day is coming.

Beverly Williamson






Comments (1)
Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jul 14, 2014 16:53

        In response to Beverly Williamson;


         No rendition of any "bible" has any credence with OUR secular laws that are man-made.

         OUR Founders chose not to subjugate their freewill to either King George or his conservative Calvinistic, Trinitarian church of England. Nor did they merely go back to the time of Jesus of Nazareth. They went back to the beginning of time and embraced the Deistic notion of Naturally inherent or otherwise inalienable rights given by the Creator who chose to never interfere in mortal man's life again. Liberty. Self-determination. Conscience. All of which as being "inalienable" were not to be subject to governance. Beginning at birth. As a woman's right of self-determination had been protected since the European's adopted Common Law that established that all women had a Natural right to self-determination thru abortion up unto the first quick or "quickening".  And they chose not to bow to any King or preacher again! Those that did supported King George.


           Subjugation is always wrong. It is an insult to "Almighty" who gave US free-will.

            Public prayer is a slap in the face to one Jesus as he advised "Be not as the hypocrite who prays for men to see..." Unless you believe Jesus a liar or wrong.



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