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Jul 17, 2014

Veteran graves need more attention

To the editor:

I am writing you to see if you can get something done about the conditions of the veterans graves at Greenhill Cemetery.

My father is buried there. I went to visit his grave today (7/13/14), and couldn’t believe the condition it was in. You could barely read his name, date of birth, and date he passed away.

I didn’t have any tools with me to clean it, so I got on my knees and pulled up the weeds and dirt (including fire ants) with my hands, as best as I could.

I just can’t bare to see my Dad’s grave look so bad. Then, as I looked around, I realized it is not just my Dad’s. All of the veterans graves look this way. What a shame!

These men and women have fought for our country, for the freedom the we all love so much! To see their final resting place in this condition is disrespectful.

I don’t live in Waynesville anymore, if I did, I would gladly volunteer to clean each and every veteran grave in  this cemetery at least twice a month. I was in tears seeing this. My children even said they too would clean graves if we still lived there.

Aren’t there any organizations or volunteers that care enough to take a little time to respect our veterans? I know the caretakers of the cemetery don’t detail the graves. They only mow. Can you help take care of our Heroes?

Billie Caldwell Chandler

Lyman, SC


Thanks DOT

To the editor:

I would like to thank the DOT team that spent two days fixing the many pot-holes on Big Branch Road. I know I can speak for all of us here and we truly appreciate the improved road condition.


Helen B. Rogers



What people are saying online


In response to ‘Reality show reels in tourists’


I am completely surprised and a little upset that the study of economic development by the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce did not recognize or even mention the importance of the motorcycle riders to our county.

Beth G. Johnson


Great article!  Any time unspoken truths get out there for discussion, it’s a good thing.  And most importantly, I am reminded that I really need to make time to go see this local attraction.  I had no idea it was so famous. Motorsports and moonshine — the two local “unmentionables.”  All we need is a J.D. Hogg and a Rosco P. Coltraine!

Scott Lilly


It is a voice and a point of view that has been tossed aside for years. Thank you Wheels Through Time for being a leading traveling destination for our region and the town of Maggie Valley.

Phillip Wight


Great article.  I too can not understand how a museum that has national attention and a TV show is not even mentioned when it comes to attractions for tourists to see in this area.

Joe Vescovi

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Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jul 17, 2014 12:20

Billie Chandler: Veterans graves ought to be respected.  I'm curious, are the veteran graves at the Greenhill Cemetery in better shape or worse shape than the veteran's graves in your hometown?  If your hometown keeps them in better condition, who does that where you live?

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