Reader letters, July 4

Jul 03, 2014

Community friendliness is a shining star

To the editor:

My husband, Norman, and I moved to Waynesville in 2002 from our previous retirement in Costa Rica, Central America.

Norman had served 20 years in the USA Navy and worked in Miami, Florida, another 15 years before retirement.

Our time here has been spent dealing with a lot of health problems for Norman.

He passed away approximately three months ago at the age of 89. We had been together 66 years.

My reason for writing this letter is to thank the many friends we have made in this short time in Waynesville.

This includes the many doctors and nurses at MedWest and neighboring offices, and emergency room.

I’d like to thank the personnel caring for him at Maggie Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation where he passed.

People at the Waynesville library, the local restaurants, and many of our neighbors now have also shown the happy kindnesses that make this my home and my community.

There are no words to say thank you properly for Norman’s contentment during his short time here, nor the ease with which this trying time for me was elevated to a loving memory.

I am grateful that my son Robert and I have the friends we have made.

Bertha Warner



Sports medicine services were superior

To the editor:

It was a rainy night for soccer, but you play the match unless it is lightening.

Tuscola women’s varsity is hosting Franklin. The teams are big rivals.

My daughter takes the field as they begin the match. Within the first 15 minutes of the game my daughter went for the ball and fell to the ground.

Now in her many years of playing, she and the ground have met a couple of times but she is always quick to get up. But, not this time. She couldn’t.

As any momma would know, my daughter was hurt. Jen, the trainer from MedWest was at the match.

She went to my daughter, did a quick assessment and helped her off of the field. I sat in the stands until I was summoned by my daughter.

If you have teenagers, you know that you do not go to them in public until your presence is requested.

When I made my way down to the sidelines, Jen believed that my daughter had torn her ACL. This is not the words that any athlete wants to hear.

The other teammates on the sidelines were offering their support and kind words as my daughter was trying to not cry. After we win the match and getting my daughter into the car,

Jen explains that I have some options for my daughter.

The first option was to take her to the ER, which they probably would not do anything due to the swelling. The second option was to take her anywhere of our choosing.

We chose to be seen at Western Carolina Orthopedic.

By the time that we arrived at their offices, the doctor had already been contacted by Jen and was brought up to speed on the previous night’s injury.

He examined my daughter and confirmed what Jen had thought. She had a torn ACL.

She was told that if she wanted to continue participating in pivoting sports, she would need to have reconstructive surgery.

Looking back at the sequence of events and the recent talk regarding the contracts for the sports medicine program, I can’t help but think that if MedWest had not been in place what would have happened.

It was evident that everyone was kept in the loop and everyone was on the same page.

As a parent who has a child that has been hurt during school sorts, I am thankful that we have a sports medicine program. I  am sure there are many counties across the state that are not as fortunate as we are.

I would encourage that we leave the sports medicine program with the current providers.

They have made and kept a positive relationship with the student athlete population in Haywood County.

Stephanie Parkins


All drivers need a refresher course

To the editor:

In response to a recent letter about Florida drivers, I would like to make the following observations.

1. There is no significant difference in the ability of Florida drivers and other drivers.

2. Many residents of our county need to improve their driving skills as well. All one has to do is drive anywhere and they will encounter numerous driver errors.

a. Not stopping at traffic signs;

b. failure to use turn indicators;

c. driving too fast on highways, streets and in parking lots;

d. driving while distracted, using a cell phone, etc.

e. failure to use headlights during inclement weather and at dawn and dusk.

I am sure that I am missing other driver errors.

I only hope that all of us will make a better effort to drive better for the safety of others  and ourselves.

George Whitley



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