Reader letters June 28

Jun 27, 2013

Bob Dehill will be missed

To the editor:

I am a Waynesville lover. I have participated a couple of times in Folkmoot with my groups. İIn all of my trips, Bob Dehill was my best friend.

He was always been welcoming and helpful for me and my group members.

Today  when I visited “The” I was shocked to read that he is dead.

Would you please print my feelings in The Mountaineer?

I wish your community a successful and fun Folkmoot this year. I will also celebrate Folkmoot’s 30th aniversary year.

PS: There are some interviews about me in your archive.

Ahmet Türkoğl

TFO Folk Dance Group


County should have planted larger trees

To the editor:

If indeed the lovely old trees that stood on the lawn of the courthouse downtown were diseased and would eventually start falling, then I understand and support eliminating a potential problem by cutting them down.

The lawn has served as a focal point for many a gathering downtown for a variety of causes as the only shady part of downtown offered respite during hot days.

I would like to know why such tiny trees were planted as replacements? Crowds probably won’t gather there any longer; however, if one does, no one will see the trees because they are as short as many folks. Please tell our community that big trees are on the way to supplement the tiny ones that are already planted.

Pamela Stafford



Thanks for the help

To the editor:

I just wanted to say an additional thank you to four gentlemen that stopped to see if I needed any help on Wednesday when my car broke down.

It reminded me that people are kind and willing to go out of their way to help others in need.

Shawna Solito

Bryson City

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