Reader letters, June 3

Jun 02, 2013

Identity politics pushed

To the editor:

We are frequently treated to the work of half a dozen letter writers whose principal purpose seems to be the presentation of the latest talking points from, ProgressNC, the Democratic National Committee, the everlasting Obama campaign, and various other left-leaning organs of spin.

A recent example ostensibly suggested ways in which the Republican Party can broaden its base. Since its author is a registered Democrat, Republicans (excepting some inside the Beltway) are unlikely to heed much of his advice (that would be like Toyota taking advice from GM).

The real purpose of the letter was to perpetuate a number of convenient untruths concerning the GOP with the dual intent of defaming that entity and drawing attention away from the defects of the writer’s own party.

To wit: The implicit assertion that Republicans do not support equal justice for Latinos and African Americans.  This is rich coming from a member of the party that stoutly resisted the abolition of slavery even after the end of the War Between the States (when Northern Democrats almost prevented the passage of the 13th Amendment), that instituted Black codes and Jim Crow laws following the end of Union occupation, and that was only able to pass the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 by forming a coalition with Republicans because of the intransigence of segregationist Southern Democrats (including the now-sainted Sam J. Ervin, Jr.).

What the writer’s party continues to push is identity politics, which ultimately values people, not as unique persons, but as components of voting blocs – Black, Latino, LBGTQ…, women, seniors – that, combined, will secure what is the real objective: centralized control of the nation by a self-anointed ruling class. Everything he suggests the Republicans do – and which he admits is identical to Democrat policy – is directed toward the increase of government control over the life of the citizen.

The last few weeks have made it evident that the principal organ of this control is meant to be the Internal Revenue Service – which, it will be noted, is another “gift” to us from the Democratic Party.

Samuel L. Edwards



Thanks for column

To the editor:

I was so pleased to read Paul Viau’s column in The Guide on Red Cross.

I have been a Red Cross disaster mental health volunteer for several years now, and the column was well-written and meaningful.

I’ve been on several national deployments, starting with hurricane Katrina and most recently with Superstorm Sandy, and I so appreciate you getting the word out. We also respond to local disasters, as you mentioned.

Thank you so much for shining a light on the needs of our neighbors, both near and far.

Martha Teater


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Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jun 03, 2013 08:47

    Thanks to Samuel L. Edwards for completely exposing his knowlege of factual events to "We the people".


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