Reader letters, June 30

Jun 27, 2014

Regional VA facility is top notch

To the editor:

There has been much publicity concerning the veterans administration medical facilities nationwide.

There evidently are problems that need correcting at some of the VA facilities. However, the old adage still holds true, one rotten apple does not mean the whole bushel is bad.

Back in the early spring, not out of necessity, but as future need or precaution, I arranged to go the VA facility in Asheville, just to get registered & established with them.

That first visit, after getting registered, they immediately sent me to various different departments to initiate physical exam procedures, just to check my basic health condition.  I did not request this, they simply did it.

Every department I went to they would comment, “ Oh, first time visit, well we will try to make your visit as pleasant as possible” and they did just that.

I have made several visits since, and they even found a health condition that I was not aware of that needed attention. Every department that I went to, although the place always seemed crowded almost to capacity, I never waited more than 5 or 6 minutes at most. Every person I came in contact with, doctors,  nurses,  aids, etc. all were very friendly, and genuinely interested in my well being.

I have been quite fortunate in my lifetime to have been blessed with good health, so have not had much previous experience with hospitals and medical facilities in general,  but  I do know good service (being a business owner myself for many years.) when  I come in contact with it and that is what I have received from the Charles George VA facility. I have nothing but high regard and praise for the way they operate and how they treat, it appears,  every person that comes through their doors.

To me, it is just not fair, to say: “Our VA system is bad.”  Some may be but not all.  I salute the Charles George facility, and I feel quite sure that a lot of other vets would echo my admiration and praise for the job they do.

Thomas M. Moody


P.S. I have a co-worker, Mr. Tom Lasley, who also has recently and for several years gone to the VA. He expresses the same feelings and admiration that I have for “our”  VA.


Stick with MedWest for sports services

To the editor:

I read with interest the school board’s discussion on the selection of the provider for sports medicine for the athletes in our middle and high schools.

I attend quite a number of athletic events at Tuscola and have had an opportunity to see Jenn Mroz take care of our injured athletes at Tuscola.

She does an excellent job and her care and concern are so sincere when she is assisting our athletes.

Additionally, Jenn is greatly admired and appreciated by our athletes. Proof of this was evident when on senior night one of the senior lady soccer players expressed her ppreciation to Jenn for all she had done for the soccer team over the years.

I believe the excellent service provided by Jenn Mroz and other trainers should be enough reason to continue to contract with MedWest for these services. Additionally, by contracting with MedWest, an injured athlete would be immediately admitted to our local hospital, which would be convenient for all family members.

Contracting with an out-of-county hospital could have the athlete and his family having to drive 30+ miles to be hospitalized, which will make it difficult and costly for family members.

Contracting with MedWest is truly a win-win for our county. We get excellent service and we stay local.

I hope the school board will consider the above facts and continue to use Jenn and the other trainers provided by MedWest.

Peggy Melville