Reader letters March 17

Mar 16, 2017

Letter on colon cancer was spot on

To the editor:

An opinion column appeared in today’s Mountaineer warning people to get screened for colorectal cancer..

It is very good advice, indeed. In fact, screening should start at about the age of 50, and be done every 10 years, or more often if there is a history of family colorectal cancer.

However, one correction needs to be made. If you already have had several screenings over the years, and have not had polyps or abnormalities, you do NOT have to continue screening after the age of 75.

In fact, screening can be dangerous to people over that age either for reasons of heart problems, breathing problems, or even more delicate intestinal linings; there is always the danger of puncture, although, admittedly, it is  uncommon.

So, healthy older folks, you can erase that test from your list.

JoAnna Swanson



Don’t make school board races partisan

To the editor:

Rep. Michelle Presnell clearly has no interest in Haywood County. She’s repeatedly exhibited disdain for the residents-voters no doubt-who have reached out to her.

Presnell has based her short political career on dodging interviews and not speaking with media. She’s a representative of the people as long as they tow her party line beliefs.

When the citizens and elected local leadership of Haywood County ask that she assist them in changing the tax collectors position from elected to one that is appointed like the rest of the state, she dismisses the people. Yet decides on a whim to introduce legislation to change the way in which the local school board would be elected.

Why bring partisan politics into education? Clearly no one on the school board wants this. She didn’t even bother consulting with her constituents.

Who does this elected official think she is? I guess she is so confident in her Republican base that she thinks she answers to no one. Just another politician who is in the business of self serving.

For a party that peddles in the ideas of “less government interference” the Republicans in the state sure like taking away control from the locals and handing it over to a bigger state government. It makes no sense. I guess the Republicans are the party of hand holding now?

Presnell is basically telling the people of Haywood County that our voices do not matter. She must believe we’re too ignorant to know what is in our best interests so she’ll make those decisions for us. No need to give her any input she’s the all seeing all knowing Wizard of Western North Carolina, apparently.

I hope everyone remembers Presnell’s complete contempt and aloofness when it comes to Haywood County next election cycle.

She does, after all, serve all the people not just the ones who agree with her.

Heather L .Hyatt


Reverse Robin Hood bill will help rich

To the editor:

A recent Mountaineer article discussed the proposed Republican healthcare bill in Congress. Already it is clear that thousands of Rep. Mark Meadows’ constituents who have for the first time received health insurance via the Affordable Care Act may lose benefits.

Meadows criticizes the current bill because it doesn’t eliminate all subsidies and tax credits that help participants buy insurance. Clearly that would have a disastrous effect on an industrious Haywood County truck driver who receives $600 a month in subsidies to provide needed healthcare for his baby daughter through Obamacare as reported in a national magazine.

Republicans like Meadows seem willing to trade a $34 billion a year federal budget deficit reduction for cutting up to 24 million old, sick and poor citizens from the rolls of the properly insured. Meanwhile, the top 2 percent of wealthy Americans would get $60 billion in tax cuts every year.

We cannot and should not allow this Republican “Reverse Robin Hood” bill to shift more billions from the working class to the super rich.

If enough of us speak up for affordable, universal healthcare for all hard-working Americans, perhaps Rep. Meadows and the rest of Congress will enact a humane and fiscally-responsible healthcare bill.

Frank L. Fox