Reader letters March 8

Mar 07, 2013

Tree chopping wasn’t necessary

To the editor:

Remember the part of the old lullaby that said “down came the cradle, baby and all?”  Well, down came our beautiful, historic and possibly healthy maple trees on the courthouse lawn.

Dr. William Dinwiddie, a most honorable and intelligent member of the community, wrote a letter strongly objecting to this action.

Another letter writer said he spent time carefully and closely observing the sawed up debris from the cut trees and could find no trace of disease.

Other writers also decried the destruction of these trees. None of the writers claimed to be arborists, but they are not visually impaired and can tell a healthy tree from a sick one.

However, when a destructive, unnecessary action is forced through in the face of strong opposition from the community, an important question needs to be asked:  Who benefits?

Obviously, the arborist benefits from the fee paid to him, but who else?  Is someone here getting a cut?

Is anyone seeking the answer to this question?

JoAnna Swanson



Congratulations, Bethel Elementary

To the editor:

Attached is the letter I sent to Bethel Elementary School Principal Jill Barker that I would like to share with the community.

Dear Jill:

It was with pleasure that I saw the article about your national recognition as a Title 1 Distinguished School.

It was a personal pleasure as your pediatrician which I share with your mother Vicky Hinkley and your grandmother Beulah Setser.  It was  with additional professional pleasure that with the Leadership you have given to Bethel Elementary School every school in Haywood County could achieve this recognition.

Let us have this as our goal.

Doris B. Hammett, MD


Separate dogs in the dog park

To the editor:

They need to separate the dog park in Waynesville to have one side for big dogs and one side for small ones.

They also need to put  some gravel in the parking space.

Kevin Jones