Reader letters, May 10

May 09, 2013

School safety is worth extra taxes

To the editor:

In response to your invitation to weigh in on the school safety/tax issue, I have a suggestion.  Why not at least partially fund school safety by a tax on the purchase of the types of weapons and ammunition used in recent mass shootings?

I’m talking about weapons and ammunition used to slaughter 20 first graders and 6 educators in less than 5 minutes in Connecticut.

This tax would not affect our local hunters and sportsmen and would not deny anyone’s Second Amendment rights.

It’s only fair that those who must have these weapons contribute to the protection of our children from them.

Additional funding for school safety can in no way be obtained out of the existing public school budget.

The radical Republican gang in Raleigh has already decimated the once proud North Carolina public education system.  North Carolina now ranks 48th in per pupil spending and teacher salaries, below South Carolina.  And the Republicans are working on legislation to divert $90 million more from public education to private schools.

Although we are empty-nesters and not wealthy, my husband and I support an increase in property taxes to fund public education.  However, I hope that agricultural land and wilderness could be exempted.

Our farmers are struggling, and it is already a hardship for some of those native to Haywood County who inherited land to pay their property taxes.

Carole Larivee

White Oak


We need to stop the uncivil discourse

To the editor:

I read with growing dismay the ignorant and rude letter printed in the “Your Views” column in The Mountaineer.

An excellent example is the letter submitted and printed in the May 6 issue.

The author has a constitutional right to express his/her political opinion but do we need to call those who disagree with us ugly names and attempt to minimalize their very existence?

What has happened to diversity of political thought and respect for others’ opinions?

We are the role models for future generations and this is not the example that many of us want our children to follow.

Perhaps the American people can become role models for the White House and Congress and let them know that calling their opponents names and never accepting responsibility for their decisions and actions is not acceptable.

In a democracy, we need to listen to and respect each others’ views and stop the immature and uncivil discourse.

Bobbie Smith





America’s modern religion

To the editor:

Lefties sell their religion, “how to live your life,” by asserting it’s based on reason, political science, plus physical science. Their program is politically correct.

Dissent is branded: anti-reason, anti science, anti-minority, anti-multicultural. Unions and media lobby publicly. Catholic Bishops are stopped cold by threats to cancel their tax exemption.

Catholicism’s own surveys confirm religion’s demise; and government’s rise. Catholics favor: bigger government issuing bigger benefits (51 percent yes); more help for the needy even if the national debt incurred is too large to ever be repaid (63 percent); stricter EPA rules for global warming and energy production — no matter the jobs lost (60 percent).

They attend church weekly (42 percent) — down 33 percent in 50 years; accept Catholic teaching that Jesus is miraculously present in the Host (only 57 percent); think homosexuality should be accepted by society (58 percent); and seek guidance for moral decisions from religious instruction (22 percent) — from practical life experience (57 percent). Abortion in most cases should be: legal (49 percent); illegal (48 percent). Catholic women’s vote for Obama was 49 percent.

A Catholic engineer’s reasoning applied to Jesus birth would say: 15-year-old Mary’s monthly egg was fertilized in her ovary tract by a physical sperm provided by God.

Jesus in fetal state had half Mary’s genes, and half Jesus’ physical genes — supplied by God Himself. How can Catholic women buy the Democratic platform?

How can five Catholic justices concur in Supreme Court abortion decrees that deny the existence of an eternal spiritual “person”” in 53 million babies? (They prevent television viewing of a fetal person under doctor’s attack in “The Silent Scream”). Bishops say they cannot dictate how to vote to their members.

Sunday school education dies out by eighth grade, as puberty begins. It provides no rational defense against public secular education, which follows. Government takes away parents’ right to choose, by not funding qualified teacher salaries in religious schools.

American Christians, minus courageous leadership and adequate education, have surrendered the political battlefield to the secular left.

Jack Ryan